Maximizing Your Space On Small Kitchens

The kitchen is a place in your home that is used and loved by each and every member of your family, and it is in this area that many will be doing their cooking, preparing, organizing, and fetching when it comes to eating or drinking ware. With particularly small kitchens, it can be difficult to store everything you’ll need in an organized and easy to find fashion, but this can be aided significantly when you remodel the space for optimal efficiency. At Cardigan,Read More

Taking Care Of Your Ceramic Tile

One of the things we do most during our remodelings at Cardigan is installing new tile into the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of the home. Ceramic tile is a type of tile that can provide aesthetic beauty as well as years of function if it is cared for properly, and taking the best care of your ceramic tile will help to ensure it endures a well-loved life. One of the best aspects of ceramic tile is that it is practically maintenance free,Read More

Bath and Kitchen Countertops: Small But Efficient Changes

For many Crofton residents, chores like cleaning the house are just a part of owning a home. People have a number of approaches to this practice, whether it is spot cleaning counter in the kitchen after a meal, or spending a Saturday morning scrubbing down the bathroom shower and tub. However, many individuals don’t realize that decisions like planning a remodel to these rooms can actually minimize housework overall. Different counter surfaces can show wear, spots, and stains more easily than others. BecauseRead More

Turning Your Kitchen Around With New Kitchen Countertops

Many homeowners have become familiar with the little quirks about their kitchen. It may be a silverware drawer that always sticks, and you have to hit a special way to get it to open, or it could be a cabinet door that keeps slipping off the hinges whenever you go to grab a bowl. Often, family members have just grown used to operating around these little glitches, but over time, more parts of the kitchen can succumb to constant use. Sometimes, a kitchenRead More

Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Your Peaceful Corner

While the bathroom is not always immediately thought of as a place of relaxation, many people in families find that their time in this part of the home is the only time for peace. Whether this is just doing practical things to get ready for the day, or taking a nice warm soak, the bathroom can be a sanctuary to let go of stress and get away for a while. Although individuals can also have a variety of showering habits, depending upon occupation,Read More

Ceramic Tile Flooring: Creative Ways To Add Color & Texture

Although tiling is frequently seen in bathrooms for houses in Crofton, many residents are recognizing that ceramic tile flooring and designs can enhance the entire home. Not only does tiling add an intriguing appeal to walls and floors, but it can also generate practical benefits.   Tile floors are easy to clean Ceramic backsplashes for ranges or sinks will not hold stains Tiling is considered non-allergenic since it does not trap dust and mites Decorative aspects can be integrated into the walls and floorsRead More

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Creating Space

Bathrooms can tend to become cluttered very quickly, especially if there is limited storage room for all the tools and products that get used on a regular basis. While many people will try to stash as much as they can in a mirror bathroom cabinet or below the sink vanity, these spaces can become overcrowded very quickly. These factors can not only make bathroom organization difficult, but they can also lead to a sense of limited space. This can be further heightened inRead More