Bowie Bathroom Remodeling

Bowie, located in Prince George’s County, is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state of Maryland. What was once a tiny railroad town is now the fifth most populated city in the state, and this means that for each family of residents, there is a home that will need tending to.

Not only is Bowie a rapidly growing part of Maryland, but it’s one that’s rather old as well. First established in the 1880’s, the city of Bowie has been the backdrop of many memories and cherished times by growing families, with some of the older homes of the region still standing to this day. While it’s a great thing to have your own piece of Bowie history with an older home, this will be a home that will require some updating if you wish to keep it comfortable and functioning as you need it.

Modern Bathrooms For Modern Times

Not only do older bathrooms plague our Bowie customers due to functional aspects, but these bathrooms will begin to break down aesthetically over time as well. Whether your home is one that has been standing since Bowie’s early years, or it was first erected in the 1990’s or 2000’s, a bathroom allowed to break down with time is one that is not going to serve you as it should. Counters, floors, and fixtures will become more difficult to clean and have look presentable, they’ll grow less efficient, and you won’t get the functionality you want, which is why a bathroom remodel can be just what your Bowie home needs for that perfect refresher.

Remodeling And Mold

Older bathrooms will also have the issue of mold growth, which will only increase over time, and a bathroom remodel can make cleaning your bathroom a much less headache inducing activity. Rather than keeping up with the mold growth on a nearly constant basis, a bathroom remodeled to be easy to clean and not mold friendly can save you a great deal of time cleaning your bathroom, so you can spend more time enjoying it.

For our Bowie customers, we’ve found that the one thing that can stop the mold growth cycle, and give homeowners a break from the chronic chasing and cleaning of mold, is a modern bathroom made to keep mold at bay. Bathrooms are perfect havens for mold, with steamy showers running and plenty of moisture, but they don’t have to stay this way with the right design that we can provide.

A Simple Process For Your Bowie Home

For our Bowie customers, we at Cardigan like to keep things simple. We know the lives of those in Bowie are busy, and that homeowners don’t have a whole lot of time to map out, design, and take a hands on role in their own remodel. If you want things kept simple, our professionals are trained to allow you to do just that, and we can take your ideas and turn them into a reality as you go about your regular schedule.

If taking on a hands on role is something you want to do with your Bowie home bathroom remodel, we can assist with this as well. You can be involved every step of the way with your remodel, and our professionals will be happy to assist you with better understanding each step as we turn your vision into the bathroom of your dreams. We want your remodel to be all about your vision, and we are open to catering to just how you want your vision to come to fruition!

Keeping To Budget And Time

Time is always of the essence, and your budget is just as important. At Cardigan, our professionals work hard to make sure your Bowie bathroom remodeling is as close to your time and budget estimate as possible, so you won’t be inconvenienced financially or in your life due to your remodeling project. We know how tough it can be to take off from work in order for a remodeling project to be worked on, and we don’t want you to have to feel stuck taking too much time from your everyday life.

At Cardigan, we also want our Bowie customers to be surprised by their bathroom, and how much they love it, not by the bill they get afterwards. When we provide an estimate for your remodeling project, we pride ourselves on accuracy so you won’t have the “bill-shocked” experience later on.

All Styles For All Bathrooms

Whether you want to embrace the classic Bowie style, or you’re into something a bit more modern, your bathroom can always be remodeled to fit your particular vision and your particular style. Ceramic tile floors, granite countertops, and a modern spa-like shower are just a fraction of the options you have to work with when it comes to your Bowie bathroom remodel project.

If mold is a particular concern, our designers can also work with you to determine the best materials and style for combating mold and keeping your space dry, which can help you immensely in keeping the mold out and your bathroom clean.

No matter your reason for looking into a Bowie bathroom remodel, from mold to a refreshing home update, we at Cardigan can make it happen. Looking into our mold remediation and bathroom remodeling services today can get you on the path to the bathroom you’ve always wanted tomorrow!