Bowie Ceramic Tile

Bowie Ceramic Tile
Bowie, Maryland is an area that has experienced incredible growth throughout its century-long history. Rising to the fifth most populous city in Maryland from a tiny railroad town in 1916, Bowie now boasts a population of over 50,000. Due to the population boom, Bowie has also experienced a great deal of development, rising up houses for all these new residents to call home. Bowie ceramic tile is a popular addition to these homes, particularly in the forms of back splashes and flooring, and there is a reason that this type of material is one that is so commonly chosen.

Benefits Of Bowie Ceramic tile

Bowie ceramic tile installers actually bring about quite a few benefits when they lay tile in any area home. A few of the most commonly enjoyed benefits of Bowie ceramic tile are:

1. Simple maintenance – Every type of flooring you choose will have some sort of maintenance that goes along with it, and ceramic tile requires some of the least. In order to take care of your Bowie ceramic tile, all that’s required is a simple sweep, mop with mild detergent, and re-sealing around once every 4 years. If one ceramic tile cracks or breaks, simply replace that single tile, and the materials hold up beautifully to the area’s 44.5 inches of annual precipitation.

2. Variety in design – Tile gives you near unlimited design potential, with all different colors and options available. Unlike other flooring or backsplash options, you can truly customize Bowie ceramic tile in a way that allows you to transform your space. If you’re particularly creative, don’t stop at the usual places, and incorporate tile into your décor, patio, or even walls for a really unique and easy to maintain look.

3. Good for the budget – When compared to nearly all other flooring options, Bowie ceramic tile has some of the very best investment to longevity ratios. The long lasting and simple to upkeep tile of your choice may cost more to initially install, but works out to be much more affordable in the lasting long run.

4. Highly durable – There was a reason why tile has moved from ancient Rome and Greece all the way to modern day Bowie, Maryland. Simply put, tile is incredible durable, and can withstand weather, family wear and tear, pets, and age. If a portion of tile does begin to falter, simply replace that single section, rather than the whole area, and you’re good as new.

Bowie Ceramic Tile Upkeep

Tile has a long life, and Bowie homeowners will want to keep their tile looking its best for as much of that life as possible. While Bowie ceramic tile is really simple to keep up with, there are a few tips that can really allow your tile to shine. The best way to look after your ceramic tile is with regular upkeep, and to keep a few tricks up your sleeve to always keep a step ahead.

When it comes to regular maintenance, a regular light sweeping to remove any dust or debris from the tile’s surface is needed. The grit of common household debris can scratch or hinder the tile sealant, which will cause it to break down after a few years, and a quick sweeping can really help to save the sealant’s integrity. If you’d prefer something simpler, a hard-flooring friendly vacuum can be just as efficient as breaking out the broom.

Once the tile is swept, simply take a damp mop with a mild detergent or water and vinegar combination, and do a quick once-over the entire tile area. If you have any stains or spots, repeat over those areas and give them that bit of extra care they need. For Bowie residents with children and pets, a water and vinegar solution actually works very well on tile flooring, and is completely nontoxic as well as environmentally safe.

Grout is one aspect of tile flooring that baffles many Bowie homeowners with Bowie ceramic tile. Grout can really trap debris and stains and seem difficult to clean with the average mop, but the simplest method of cleaning grout is probably already hiding in plain sight. To clean the grout between your tile and leave it sparkling, take a baking soda and water paste, leave the paste on the grout overnight, and simply scrub off with a nylon brush in the morning.

Bowie ceramic tile is a top pick in area homes for a variety of reasons; from the longevity to the ease of upkeep, it’s a type of flooring or décor option that provides ample opportunity for creativity while being completely family-friendly. With the help of your Bowie ceramic tile installers, tile can give you the look you want, with minimal maintenance, in a material built to last a lifetime.