Bowie Kitchens And Baths

Bowie Kitchens And BathsSome Maryland homes have kitchens and baths that amaze. The rooms give homeowners and guests places to cook and do their unmentionable business. However, the locations are so much more than that. They are gorgeous, with touches of sophistication and class. It shouldn’t be shocking if visitors can’t take their attention away from fixtures, paint schemes, cabinets, tile, etc. Fresh and new bathrooms are perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and melting stress away.

Meanwhile, kitchen/dining areas are often where relationships flourish. Moms and dads can teach kiddos to prepare meals, talk about anything, and form close-knit bonds. Not every homeowner is lucky enough to have gorgeous kitchens and baths, though. Sometimes, the rooms have little to no storage space. Then, people have to store things in unusual places, like a hallway closet. Of course, they could pile appliances and other stuff onto countertops, but that would leave a cluttered mess.

On other occasions, Maryland and other property owners have to deal with cracked tiles. Not only are the blemishes unpleasant to view, but they can be dangerous too. If a person is walking around the house barefoot, or even in sandals, they could slice their feet or toes open on the spots. With such scenarios, homeowners might find themselves paying out of pocket for damages, or they may have to file an injury claim with their home insurance. Therefore, it is best to tackle cracked tile issues before something bad happens.

Contact Bowie Kitchens And Baths To Fix Your Tile And Storage Complaints

Remodeling comes in all shapes and sizes. Some folks just want a little something done, while others want fresh designs that will knock their socks off. No matter the size of the project, Bowie Kitchens and Baths has you covered. We can install new cabinets throughout your home so that there will be a place for everything, and everything can be put in its place.

Our technicians can also replace broken tiles, making them look good as new again. Heck, they can even rip old floors out and install new ceramic or stone tiles, depending on what consumers want. If problems like the ones mentioned earlier are bugging you, please, don’t hesitate to contact Bowie Kitchens and Baths.

Is Your Maryland Plumbing System Giving You Fits?

Drains of kitchens and bathrooms are notorious for stopping up. Food, hair, soap scum, and more accumulate in the lines. In turn, the water from sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers fails to drain. Many Maryland homes still have the original water pipes inside the walls. Old pipes can develop pits and cracks, which cause leaks and damage. When renovating baths and kitchens, it is best to get inside the walls and remove deteriorating pieces and fittings. Bowie Kitchens and Baths goes the extra mile to make sure your Maryland rooms are beautiful and fully functional. 

Are You Tired Of Bumping Into Other Chefs In The Kitchen?

Unfortunately, back in the day, lots of builders chose to equip homes with small kitchens. The tiny places were great at the time, as they saved space and still allowed an individual to wash dishes, cook, or put up groceries. However, today, many families cook and clean their kitchens together. When the kitchen is little, chefs and cleaners can bump into each other again and again.

When holidays roll around, it is not uncommon for a family member to host a lunch or dinner to commemorate the event. Don’t be left feeling claustrophobic with your aunts, grandma, mom, and other people crowding your minuscule kitchen. Instead, contact Bowie Kitchens and Baths today to get the kitchen of your dreams. Our designers are good at what they do, and you can rest assured that the brand new kitchen you receive will be spacious. So much so that you probably won’t have to use evasive maneuvers to dodge relatives in your kitchen at the next gathering. 

Having To Look At A Dingy Bathroom Can Get Old Quick

The fixtures in a bathroom can be working correctly, but still, sometimes, people want these rooms remodeled. Often, it is because of the restroom’s appearance. Sinks and bathtubs can accumulate stains over time, and no amount of chemicals or scrubbing will make them go away. Broken ceramic tiles often show up in bathrooms as well. Going into a room in such condition each day can leave a person down in the dumps. Don’t live another day with your bathroom driving you mad. Rather, give us a call today. We are ready, willing, and able to make the ideas in the back of your mind come to life.