Cabinets Go Beyond The Kitchen

The kitchen often gets the best of everything when it comes time for a remodel. People are often drawn to the design and storage space that the kitchen cabinets provide. There are many materials and styles that can improve the look of the kitchen, but what about other areas of the home? Why should the kitchen have all of the fun?


Cabinets In The Bathroom?

Absolutely! A bathroom cabinet gives you much needed storage space where you can put towels, toiletries, and just about anything that you want to keep out of sight. When your bathroom necessities are out of sight, your bathroom becomes more streamlined, giving you the illusion of space. Keeping towels and toothpaste in its own place also gives you more room for pretty décor, such as a few pillar candles or other stylish items. Plus, a beautifully crafted cabinet from a custom maker such as Yorktowne brings a sense of class and elegance to your bathroom.


How About The Laundry Room?

If there is one place where you could use a few extra storage spaces, it’s the laundry room. Are you tired of walking in to see bleach bottles and fabric sheet boxes casually laying around on the top of the dryer? Maybe you have a shelf unit installed, but your laundry items are still in plain sight and they never look as neat and tidy as you wish they would. Why not install a few cabinets to hide your items and give you more space for extra sheets and comforters, pillows for guests, and anything that you need to find a place for.


The Office

How about a custom charging station for your electronics that keeps cords organized and hidden from view and keeps all of your devices safe and sound in one place? Or a message center that organizes the bills to be paid, mail that must be read, school papers to be signed, and just about anything else that can be tucked away without cluttering your kitchen counter.

Yorktowne has been in business since the 1920’s and Cardigan is your local dealer for these stylish and sturdy pieces. Call us to browse the selections so you can bring your home to a new level of crafted convenience.

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