Can A Dishwasher Really Improve Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Remodeling Companies - Dishwashers Improve Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling companies are supposed to improve the kitchen experience, which often means adding new appliances. One of the biggest additions that a kitchen can get is a dishwasher.

There are many differing opinions on dishwashers, as some homeowners still prefer to wash dishes by hand. Still, for people who’ve never had a dishwasher, there are several factors to consider now that make these appliances a significant improvement.

You Don’t Have To Lose A Lower Cabinet

One of the bigger concerns that some people have regarding dishwashers is the amount of space a traditional, full-sized appliance takes up. It’s true that with conventional models of a dishwasher, a homeowner is losing what amounts to a full-size cabinet space that is now taken up by the dishwasher alone.

However, this isn’t the only alternative. It’s now possible to buy smaller dishwashers that can fit on top of a counter, similar to a microwave oven. For people with smaller households, this can be a suitable substitute if not many dishes are washed.

It Cleans Better Than You Do

One of the biggest limitations to washing dishes by hand is the tolerance of your skin. It’s common knowledge that using hot water cleans dishes more effectively, but exposed skin can only tolerate so much water at a higher temperature. Even with dishwashing gloves, there are limits to how hot the water can get.

Dishwashers, however, have their own internal heaters that can raise the water temperature to a much higher temperature and thus be far more efficient at removing dirt that’s dried onto plates.

It Uses Less Water

In the old days, when dishwashers first entered homes, they were notorious “water guzzlers,” and the reputation for the appliances using a lot of water stuck. However, modern dishwashers are nothing like their ancestors and not only use far less water than older models, they use far less water than someone washing dishes by hand.

With the faucet running, washing dishes by hand can use up a total of 27 gallons of water. The same load may use only three gallons in an energy-star-efficient dishwasher, a huge difference. They no longer need to be “pre-rinsed” either, so as long as big chunks of food are scraped off, they can go straight in.

It’s Safer

Now, in the era of a global pandemic, the idea of viral transmission is more significant than ever. However, using a modern dishwasher renders dishes about as safe they can get. The hotter temperature of the water guarantees that bacteria won’t do well in the initial washing process.

However, once that’s done, many dishwashers also include a sanitizing/drying process. This heated dry option turns the heat up in the dishwasher, literally vaporizing the water on the dishes into steam. This is an intensive process, and not necessarily something you want to do all the time, but if you want to ensure something is medically sanitized, such as a baby bottle or dishes and utensils used by a sick family member, kitchen remodeling companies can install a dishwasher in your home with these kinds of features.