Can You Fit A Half Bathroom Into Your Home?

Crofton Bathroom Reconstruction: Can You Fit A Half Bathroom?

Many home additions are a matter of personal taste. They may not always be appreciated by people looking to buy a home once you put it up for sale. Swimming pools, for example, may actively repel some buyers instead of attracting them. But there’s one addition you can always count on to add usefulness, value, and appeal to a home, and that’s a half-bathroom. But is this something practical for your Crofton bathroom reconstruction plans?

What Is A Half Bathroom?

A half-bathroom is also known as a “water closet.” It’s a bathroom with only a toilet, sink, and mirror, no bathtub or shower. This is an extra bathroom used strictly for toilet needs, washing the hands and face, or personal grooming like shaving or applying makeup.

A half-bathroom takes up much less space in a home. The smallest are only about 3’ X 4’, which means that there’s a lot of potential to take advantage of unused space in a home.

Where Can You Build It?

The best part about a half-bathroom is that it lets you use up space that might otherwise go wasted. For example, one of the most popular choices for Crofton bathroom reconstruction additions is under a staircase. The toilet can be placed closer to the stairs themselves since people often sit on the toilet, while the sink can be placed closer to the doorway for standing up and washing.

The only primary consideration when thinking about adding a half-bathroom is plumbing. The further away the bathroom is from any water and drainage pipes, the more it will cost to build out that connection to the existing pipe infrastructure.

However, homes with at least two bathrooms are advantageous and attractive to buyers. So if you want to add value to your home, think about making Crofton bathroom reconstruction plans to add a half-bathroom to your home.