Ceramic Is A Great Flooring Choice

Ceramic Is A Great Flooring Choice - Bowie Ceramic Tile

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom often means choosing a new floor. If you’re ready for a flooring surface that offers the best of both worlds in terms of quality and price, then maybe you want to think about Bowie ceramic tile. Here’s why.


Bowie ceramic tile, when using quality materials, and properly installed, can, with care, last hundreds of years without issue! Another great aspect of ceramic tile is that, because these are individual tiles, if one or two take damage, it is easy to replace them without needing to work on the remainder of the floor.

Water Resistance

Probably the most attractive aspect of Bowie ceramic tile for both kitchens and bathrooms is the water resistant aspect of the surface. Unlike wood, water does not penetrate and infect ceramic, so there’s no danger of accruing mold, fungus, or other dangerous contagions. This also means it has hypoallergenic properties since pollen and other allergens do not stick to it.

Easy Maintenance

Because of the water resistance and imperviousness to contagions, ceramic tile is very easy to clean. It doesn’t stain easily, so food, liquids, and other substances can easily be wiped away with water and cleansers. Wiping, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and all other cleaning methods—including heavy duty cleaning agents—are all fine to use.

Cost Effective

Unlike some other flooring options, ceramic tile can also be quite cheap! Depending on how low you’re willing to go, you may be able to find lower cost options for $5 a square foot or less. However, you can also choose to go more expensive for higher quality and a larger range of designs if you’re looking for a unique look. Bowie ceramic tile accommodates all ranges of the pocketbook!
So if you’re thinking of a new flooring surface, think about getting ceramic tile and enjoy the numerous benefits of this choice.