Ceramic Tile Flooring: Creative Ways To Add Color & Texture

Although tiling is frequently seen in bathrooms for houses in Crofton, many residents are recognizing that ceramic tile flooring and designs can enhance the entire home. Not only does tiling add an intriguing appeal to walls and floors, but it can also generate practical benefits.


  • Tile floors are easy to clean
  • Ceramic backsplashes for ranges or sinks will not hold stains
  • Tiling is considered non-allergenic since it does not trap dust and mites
  • Decorative aspects can be integrated into the walls and floors
  • Ceramics are durable and do not show wear the same as wood or carpeting


Along with these more obvious reasons to choose tiling when remodeling a home, the process of laying the tile can also afford a number of unique enhancements to the environment. Many residents will combine larger and smaller ceramics in a variety of colors to generate a mosaic effect that can make any room truly unique. Textured tiles will also add to this type of decorating, and can be combined in myriad ways.

One popular tiling technique is to create faux features. This technique essentially uses the ceramics to generate the impression of a throw rug on the floor, or even a piece of artwork on the walls. Since it is incorporated into the overall flooring or wall covering, it will still offer the ease of cleaning and the durability of the rest of the tiling.

Different design ideas can be incorporated with existing features of the home, but some Crofton residents will also decide to fully renovate rooms of the home to enhance this effect. The result is a unique interior that is easy to keep clean, and can include elegant color accents within neutral settings.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bath, or just looking to redo your flooringwith a cleaner and more durable surface, then Cardigan can help you get this goal achieved. From a basic re-flooring to the creation of a new room design, we will help you from start to finish with the vision you have for your home.

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