Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile
Cardigan is a plumbing and interior remodeling contractor with an office in Crofton, Maryland, a town in easy driving distance of Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis. We’ve been in the business of home plumbing since 1971, and as our business grew we expanded our services to complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, cabinetry installation, and ceramic tile work. If you’re looking to restore or remodel an older home in one of the growing suburbs of these three cities, you should give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Redefine Your Kitchen And Bathroom

For most rooms in a house, remodeling is something you can do without much expert help. Unless you’re doing something serious like removing or adding a wall, remodeling a study or a bedroom usually means moving or adding furniture and putting on a new coat of paint.

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is much more serious thanks to the heavy appliances, wires, and pipes involved. You could leave the old appliances alone and just replace the cabinet doors, but their old design can clash with your new vision, plus you’d be missing out on the modern technology that makes new appliances more efficient, more reliable, more functional, and even compatible with smartphone technology.

This is why at Cardigan we specialize in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. With the help of our expert designers you can pick out things like new showers, toilets, sinks, ovens, and dishwashers that come with all the features you demand and fit the design choices you’ve made. And by having all that information available in one place you can easily add it to the cost of installation and remodeling so you can keep track of your budget and what you can afford.

Reorganize With New Cabinets

Because kitchens and bathrooms usually have plenty of cabinets, Cardigan has partnered with Yorktowne cabinet makers. Yorktowne offers dozens of color, wood, and design combinations so that your kitchen or bathroom can be as modern, retro, or timeless as you demand. Thanks to them, we can supply you with cabinets in classic white, in natural or stained wood tones, and in dark or light colors that match or contrast your kitchen’s new style.

And cabinets don’t have to stay in the kitchen and bathroom. We can also design custom cabinets for your home entertainment system, for organizing your books and other physical media, or for your home office. If you’re thinking of adding a home bar, we can help make that happen, too.

Redecorate With Ceramic Tile

Along with cabinets and appliances, we also offer ceramic tile services. That means we can add ceramic tile floors to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room along with backsplashes that protect the walls between your counters and cabinets.

Ceramic tiles can come in a surprising range of styles, shapes, and designs these days. Because untreated ceramic can absorb water and stains, almost all ceramic tiles come with a glass-based glaze that protects them against water and stains and makes them easy to wash using regular household cleaners. With natural stone you’d have to be careful about using acid-based cleaners, and with untreated ceramic you’d have to worry about stains, making sealed ceramic the best option by far.

What’s even better is what manufacturers can do with ceramic glaze. The glaze can be clear, giving you the natural color of the clay if that fits in with the rest of your interior design. You can also get a solid color glaze that can give you a solid color or a mix of two or more colors for a more complex pattern. Modern glazes can also duplicate the intricate patterns and swirls of natural stone, which means you can combine the appearance of granite or slate with the ease of care you get from glazed ceramic tile.

Whether you want a naturalistic kitchen that matches the view from your Chesapeake Bay home, whether the appliances in your aging Post War home are in desperate need of an update, or whether you’re improving an older house in Odenton to get the best possible price when you sell it, Cardigan can help you remodel your house into the home of your dreams. From basic plumbing to a complete rebuild, our highly rated services are at your disposal.