Change Your Kitchen Experience With A Steam Oven

Remodeling Kitchen Cost: Is A Steam Oven Worth It?

If you’re upgrading your kitchen and are looking to improve your experience while managing your remodeling kitchen cost, one area you may want to consider is your oven. Ovens take up a lot of space in the kitchen and are a major component of the food preparation experience. However, recent technologies have come down in cost that might make new types of ovens affordable for your remodeling kitchen cost.

Steam Isn’t Just For Stoves

While the technology has been around since the 1980s, the steam oven was initially a costly, “exotic” piece of kitchen technology. As the name implies, steam ovens have the functionality of a regular oven in providing heat for baking. However, they also contain a tank for storing water, so the oven’s heat can vaporize and inject that steam into the oven itself.

This brings some interesting cooking benefits, such as using less oil and fat and preserving more vitamins and nutrients, making healthier meals. This can even reduce the cooking time for some recipes, like a pressure cooker.

New Combinations

It’s now possible to install steam ovens in residential kitchens, and as with many developing technologies, these ovens can do far more than in the past. Where previous homeowners might have had to choose between conventional ovens, convection ovens, and steam ovens, new “combi ovens” allow for all three modes of operation in a single form factor.

This means that for homeowners who enjoy various cooking techniques, there’s no need for three separate appliances for cooking, air frying, and steaming. All of this can be added in one oven for a little added expense to your remodeling kitchen cost.

If you’re interested in a modern kitchen upgrade with conveniences like a steam oven, contact us today. We can change your kitchen layout to a more optimal configuration while helping you install modern cooking technologies to enhance your home cooking experience.