Check Your Sump Pump When Foul Odors Seep Out Of The Basement

Check Your Sump Pump When Foul Odors Seep Out Of The Basement

Many Maryland and other residents nationwide have sump pumps in their basements. The equipment reroutes water to an appropriate location and prevents it from building up under the house. These pieces of machinery usually remain out of sight and out of mind, but it is important to have a plumber maintain them periodically. After all, the last thing a homeowner wants is to have a malfunction during the rainy season.

A small amount of water usually remains in the pit and drain line at all times. However, when a dry spell occurs, it is possible for the liquid to evaporate, which opens the door for bacteria, mildew, and mold to grow. When these items are present, a pungent, foul odor may start to escape from the unit. The unpleasant smell can travel through a home in a hurry, and it leaves homeowners bewildered and confused about where the scent originated.

While not usually legal, some sump pumps connect directly to the sewer line. If a stoppage happens and the check valve fails, the sewage can back up into the pump and its pit resulting in a sharp, nasty smell. Humans can suffer from headaches, dizzy spells, drowsiness, and even asphyxiation when they breathe in the obnoxious fumes. Don’t leave anything to chance when things like health and well-being are the main topics of concern. Instead, hire a reputable plumbing company to investigate and fix the problem.

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