How To Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Material

How To Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Material

When remodeling your kitchen one of the toughest choices you’ll have to make is what countertop material works best for you. At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we offer the highest quality countertop materials and can help you choose the best one. Here is a basic guide to choosing a countertop material for your kitchen remodel to help you make an informed choice:


What Materials To Skip


There are a huge variety of countertop materials on the market. Among these are some materials we definitely recommend skipping over because of poor function, maintenance, and cost. Stay away from these materials:


● Laminate: Laminate is not very durable and has to be replaced every couple years. One cut vegetable on laminate and it’s ruined for good. It also peels along the corners near heat or water and stains very easily.
● Concrete: Concrete may seem like a durable material but it is not. Concrete cracks, scratches, and stains very easily. Plus, it is extremely messy to install and cost a lot more than other countertop options.
● Tile: Tile countertops are a nightmare to clean because the grout collects dirt and grime. They are also not very durable because the tiles crack and break easily.


What Materials To Consider


Here are the best materials to consider for your kitchen countertops and the pros and cons of each:


● Granite: Granite is a natural stone material that is incredibly durable and beautiful. Every slab of granite is different, so you can get a really unique look.
Pros: Granite comes in a nice array of stone colors. It can stand up to abuse and when sealed properly is extremely stain resistant.
Cons: Since granite has to be mined, to get rare colors and unique veining, you may end up spending more. However, the commonly available options are still very affordable and will last a lifetime.

● Quartz: Quartz countertops are made with a combination of minerals, colors, and resin. They are often designed to look like natural stone.
Pros: Quartz comes in a wide range of colors so you can get any look you want. Quartz is also extremely durable, easy to clean, and stand up to even hot pots, serrated knives, and abrasive cleaning pads.
Cons: Quartz corners chip really easily. A great way to prevent this though it to use rounded edges in your design.

● Wood: Wood countertops like butcher block are beautiful, easy to install, and adds warmth to a space.
Pros: Wood is very sturdy and easy to maintain. If sealed correctly by professional, wood is also surprising stain resistant.
Cons: Wood is very prone to knicks and scratches. However, these can be buffed out and repair fairly easily.


Whichever material you decide is right for your kitchen, Cardigan Kitchens and Baths is here to help. Our professionals can help guide you through this decision, show you the range of beautiful options available, and install your countertops correctly so they are functional and last. Contact us today to learn more about what colors and styles we have available.