Choosing Between A Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

kitchen and bath modelers near me Choosing Between A Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

For people who have just purchased a home but haven’t moved into it yet, or for people who own multiple properties, it’s a lot easier to ask, “Who are the kitchen and bath remodelers near me,” and get this kind of significant home improvement done.

But for people already living in their residences who have saved up enough to get this work done, it can be a much more daunting task. If you want to get a kitchen or bathroom remodel completed, this will be very invasive. Here are the things you need to consider when picking one, the other, or both.


One of the most important considerations is what you’ll live without. In this regard, a kitchen versus bathroom renovation depends heavily on the size of the home. There will only be one kitchen in most cases, while many homes have two or more bathrooms.

Getting a kitchen remodeled while you’re living in the home means automatic loss of cooking privileges. If your kitchen was more decorative than heavily used, this might not be a significant disruption to home life. People can often create substitute kitchens or increase their food budget to dine out while a kitchen is remodeled.

On the other hand, if there’s more than one bathroom, then the additional bathroom can continue to be used if one bathroom is remodeled. From a toilet perspective, this isn’t much of a loss. However, if only one bathroom has bathing facilities like a bathtub or shower, this becomes more problematic.

The worst-case scenario is if there is only one bathroom in a smaller home. With that bathroom out of use until remodeling is done, it’s essentially impossible to live in the house until the work is done.


For many, budget is the final arbiter of which choice to make. Unless you’re a millionaire, you probably don’t have unlimited funds to spend on home improvement, especially if you’re trying to make a property investment as well.

The average mid-scale kitchen remodel is between $25-30000, but at the top end, it can easily go over $130,000. Bathrooms average about $20000 for a mid-scale remodel and over $60000 for a high end. The number of appliances and the larger size of kitchens usually puts kitchens over the top when it comes to major remodeling.


Suppose you’re looking at the financial side of things, and trying to get a return on investment. In that case, this is another area where you have to choose carefully. Of course, prospective homebuyers want a kitchen and bathroom that are both in good condition.

However, what is usually considered the centerpiece of a home is a kitchen. So investing in more significant kitchen remodeling usually moves the needle in terms of property value and the likelihood of making a sale to interested buyers.

If you’re wondering, “Can I find kitchen and bath remodelers near me” that can do this type of remodeling, the answer is an easy “yes.” But you have to decide where you want to devote your money and what you’re willing to give up in the meantime.