Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Kitchen

Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Kitchen

When starting from scratch with a blank slate, colors can seem intimidating. There are so many different shades of paint to choose from. How can you ever pick just one? We’ve got some tips for you to help you on your way to designing a kitchen that fits your tastes and also looks amazing.

Think Bright And Colorful

The kitchen is a place where you are going to be spending a lot of time. Chances are, your family eats at least 3 meals per day and you’ll be preparing them all in the kitchen. Pick bright and cheerful colors to help the job seem more fun. A dark kitchen might leave you wishing you were somewhere else instead. Don’t be afraid to go with a brighter color. Most kitchens are broken up by the cabinets, so a pop of color around the cabinets can be really fun.


Everyone reacts to color differently. Pick colors for your kitchen that make you feel happy. Sunny yellow might make one person feel right at home and make someone else feel crazy. It’s important that you pick the colors that appeal to you and bring out a sense of happiness for you.

Pick A Focus Point

When you are designing your kitchen, pick a favorite element of design for the room. It could be a light fixture that you love, or custom tiles that you are having installed for your backsplash. Whatever your focal point, your paint selection should compliment this piece, not take the attention away. For example, pick a paint that goes with the tiles, but is slightly lighter to allow the eyes to focus on the backsplash. This will ensure that your kitchen is not too busy to the eyes when you first walk in, but rather your attention is drawn to your favorite thing.

Cabinet Colors

Usually it is best to pick the paint color after your cabinets are painted. If you are staining the wood, sometimes the color doesn’t come out exactly the same way you envisioned it in the can. If you stain the cabinets first, it will leave you room to tweak the paint to just the right shade to compliment the cabinets. Cabinets are hard to adjust after they are stained.


Be sure to consider your lighting sources when picking colors. If your kitchen is open and airy with lots of windows and natural lighting, your paint will look different from a kitchen with lots of fluorescent lighting. See if you can take a sample of the paint you are considering home, and put it up on a section of your wall. Watch it during the day to see how the natural light and the kitchen lighting work with the colors.

When picking the type of paint, be sure to use something that you can wipe easily. Kitchens can get messy, especially if you have kids. Choose a durable paint that can be wiped off without taking off the entire finish. When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, call Cardigan Kitchens. We’ll help you on your way to a brand new kitchen. Give us a call today for your free estimate.

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