Choosing the Right Backsplash for Granite Countertops

Choosing the Right Backsplash for Granite Countertops

When remodeling your kitchen, there are many smaller and more intricate details you must keep in mind when putting the finishing touches on the newly updated space. If you changed the old and dated countertops out and put in beautiful granite, then you might also want to update the backsplash to match your new aesthetic.

Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing the right backsplash for your new granite countertops:


Find Your Inspiration


Take a closer look at the colors that are running through the granite and pull one of those colors as inspiration for the backsplash tiles. You can also choose a color that perfectly complements the granite even if it doesn’t match perfectly to the already existing tones found in the countertop.


Reverse the Colors


If you want to stick with a matching color scheme for the granite countertops and backsplash, you should consider reversing the colors. For example, you have dark grey granite with white accents, so you can use the white as the primary color of the backsplash tile and throw in grey accents.


Remain Consistent


If you do not want to reverse the color scheme, it is also okay to keep the color consistent from the backsplash down to the countertop. If you have fallen in love with the granite and want to make sure it stays front and center in the kitchen, then extend the granite and have it uniform.




Then we come to the compromise. Let’s say a couple is remodeling their kitchen and it is now the time to decide the colors of the granite and the backsplash. However, the two tastes and styles seem to clash, and neither can agree on what to do.

The compromise would be to incorporate a little bit of each style, color, or accent to create a look for the granite countertops and backsplash that you will both love without having to sacrifice your own personal style to do so.


Go with Color


Finally, you might have chosen a more muted and neutral color for the granite countertops, so you have some room to play around with some vibrant colors for the backsplash. Creating a colorful backdrop in the kitchen can complement a neutral or minimalistic color palette, and the two different styles can balance each other out.
No matter what you decide to do, you should first make sure that you have a good idea regarding all the different colors, styles, and patterns there are to choose from. Once you find one particular element of the kitchen that you love, you can use that one piece for inspiration to finish the room.

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