Choosing The Right Kitchen Appliances

Crofton Kitchen Renovation And Choosing The Right Appliances

If you’re thinking of renovating your Crofton kitchen, aside from the obvious changes to the kitchen itself, like flooring, counters, and cabinets, there is one other major component that will affect your future kitchen experience. Your appliances play a large role in the effectiveness of your food preparation and storage, so it’s important to get the right ones for your Crofton kitchen renovation. But how do you select appliances?


There will always be a lot of debate over picking a stove, as some people swear by gas, while others are fine with electric, and then there are newer stove options. Induction creates heat by using magnetic currents and electrical energy to heat the pots and pans themselves, rather than transferring heat from a flame or heating element the way gas and traditional electric do.
For people that prefer traditional cooking methods and high heat, gas is often the favorite. However, induction is quickly becoming the new favorite for people who want lower bills, maximum heat/energy efficiency, and minimal heat loss.


Ovens now come in both the traditional variety of heating the space and convection ovens, which use newer technologies to circulate the air within the space. Homeowners now have the choice between one or the other, or both, if they really want to ensure all the options are available.
Traditional ovens are still preferred for baking and roasting. Convection ovens are perfect for people who want to bake or roast faster, with crisp results similar to an air fryer.

Range Hood

For people serious about cooking, a range hood is an essential piece of equipment for ensuring the cleanliness and lifespan of the kitchen. The hood provides an important ventilation function, moving out smoke, smells, oil vapor, and even moisture that would otherwise permeate the entire kitchen space and the rest of the home, with nowhere else to go.

While ovens and stoves can function without a hood, this does mean the appearance of the kitchen, its smell, and even lifespan are likely to degrade at a faster rate than not having the range in place.


Your fridge and freezer decision will be based on your own food and grocery purchasing habits. If you’re a smaller household and don’t buy much food, a fridge with a single compressor will likely meet your needs. However, if you’re a larger household and you buy more food or prioritize being able to store that food for longer periods, then a double compressor refrigeration unit will meet your more demanding needs.

Another factor is size, but this is also dependent on buying habits. Larger families that freeze a lot of meat, for example, or store many leftovers, may want a larger fridge and freezer to accommodate these.

Aside from these basics, there are, of course, other optional appliances to consider, such as a microwave oven, dishwasher, and additional smaller form appliances like air fryers, blenders, or pressure cookers like the Instant Pot.

All of these must be carefully considered for your cooking needs as you plan your Crofton kitchen renovation. Don’t leave appliance choices for last.