Choosing Your Bathroom Lighting

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The bathroom is usually the place that gets the least concern when it comes to lighting. Any old fixture should do, right? Wrong! Proper placement of the lighting in your bathroom will take your bathroom from a simple utility to a relaxing retreat.

Vanity Mirror Lighting

The best way to see what you are doing in front of the vanity mirror is with two light fixtures hung on both sides of the mirror, approximately at eye level. This will cast an even glow over your face and hair, allowing you to see yourself in the best light possible. Makeup application, shaving, and anything else will be easy when done in the right light. If you don’t have the space for sconces, the next best choice is a fixture hung directly above the mirror. Most vanity lighting contains 150 watts, spread out along the fixture. This allows for a natural glow. Recessed lighting above the mirror casts shadows and makes it hard to see or do anything in the mirror.

Shower Lighting

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need a separate light fixture for your shower. This is where a recessed light may come in handy. Plastic will yellow over time, so glass is a better choice. Pick a fixture that is water and steam resistant to avoid any electrical issues. Usually lighting that is designed for the bathroom is already set up to avoid any problems. Some recessed lighting fixtures can be angled to cast light on the tiles in your shower. Use the lighting to draw attention to details. If you have a fairly small bathroom, a clear shower door may provide enough light that you may not need a separate fixture.

Dimmer Switch

You may want to consider a dimmer switch for your bathroom. When taking a relaxing bath, it would be nice to dim the lights for maximum relaxation. But when applying your makeup, you may want a brighter light in order to see what you are doing. A dimmer switch will allow you to toggle back and forth with the right lighting when you need it.

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