Clutter-free Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Renovation

Has your kitchen become the dumping grounds for all your little household items? Well stop it immediately! There is a way to keep you kitchen looking like it came straight straight out of a magazine. Ready?

Keep The Counters Clear

The number one rule to a clutter-free countertop is that you can’t put anything on your countertop. Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Anything that comes into your kitchen needs to have a place to go. Plan for all your baking supplies, your small countertop appliances, and your decor somewhere else. Focus on getting the countertops empty.

Stop The Dumping!

It is so easy to let yourself slip into a pattern of dumping your keys, your bags, your papers from school and your lunch boxes all over the kitchen counters. Start training yourself and your family immediately to break this cycle. Make a new spot outside of the kitchen to deposit all your little items. A bowl by the front door, or maybe a key rack would work nicely.

Put Things Away

This one also seems like a simple thing to say, but when you are in the middle of a big project, it is often hard to focus on putting things away. Eventually all your cooking tools and your utensils get left on the counters and you are back exactly where you started. If you put things away in the cabinets and storage spaces where they are meant to go, your counters will magically stay clear. And you won’t have a large clean up job later.

Become A Minimalist

It’s time to have a kitchen purge. Do you have two of everything? Get rid of the ones you don’t need. Do you have an old toaster oven that you never use? Donate it to the local Salvation Army and let someone else use it. Free up more space in your kitchen to put away the things you actually do use, and all of a sudden you’ll see how much easier it is to keep your counters clear.

If none of these tips and tricks work for you, it may be time to consider a kitchen remodel. Cardigan Kitchens and Bath can help you redesign your kitchen will all the space you’ll need for every gadget that you own. Let us help you on your way to getting the kitchen of your dreams. All it takes is a phone call to get started.

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