Common Culprits Behind Bathtub Leaks

Common Culprits Behind Bathtub Leaks

Not everyone enjoys soaking in a bathtub, and some people only use them to shower. However, regardless of how you utilize your tub, leaks can occur from various things. Unfortunately, finding the culprit behind the water loss sometimes proves to be a difficult feat, but luckily, Crofton and surrounding area residents don’t have to face the dilemma alone. We are one of the original plumbing companies in Bowie & Crofton, and the team has helped many clients in Maryland with their remodeling and residential repair needs. Our professionals have the experience and ability to find and resolve problems quickly.


Frequent Places Where Bathtub Leaks Originate


1. Tile

Broken, cracked tiles and busted grout lines are notorious for leaking. Tiled-in soap dishes and other accessories can also be to blame. These leaks can occur from the ceramic pieces being installed incorrectly, the home’s foundation shifting and settling, or weak support boards beneath the tub that allow it to wobble. Sometimes, the cracks are highly visible, but in other instances, they are minuscule hairline fractures that are nearly impossible to see.

2. Faucet

Faucets can leak from multiple places. For instance, older stems have packing nuts that tend to produce droplets every time the handle is turned to the on or off position. Meanwhile, tub spouts, shower arms, valve bodies, and connections in the wall can also cause issues. On some occasions, a simple repair does the trick to get the fixture back in top-notch condition, but at other times, the entire faucet might need to be replaced.

3. Drains

Tub shoe and overflow gaskets deteriorate as they age. The rubber is supposed to seal against the bathtub to prevent leaks, but after it decays, nothing stands between the liquid and your drywall, wood floors, or trim. If the problem is not addressed promptly, things like stains and buckling are possible.

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