Should You Consider A Wall-Mounted Toilet?

Should You Consider A Wall-Mounted Toilet?

One of the increasingly popular trends in bathroom remodeling has been the installation of wall-mounted toilets. Popular in Europe, wall-mounted toilets have just recently become popular in the United States. They are very sleek and add a nice touch to a modern bathroom remodel. But, like most aspects of a remodel, it’s important to consider the entire picture when deciding if a wall-mounted toilet is right for you.

Benefits Of A Wall-Mounted Toilet

  • They are Aesthetically Pleasing – Wall-mounted toilets look great, getting rid of the unsightly tank that typically accompanies a toilet. The tank is hidden behind the wall.
  • They Make for a Customizable Bathroom Experience – Your wall-mounted toilet can be installed at the perfect height for you.
  • It’s Easy to Keep Clean – Not only are the toilets themselves easy to keep clean, but it’s easy to keep the floor and surrounding area clean as well.
  • They Provide Flexibility in Your Remodel Design – These toilets often fit building-code clearances that standard toilets do not, giving you more freedom during your renovation.

Things To Consider

  • They’re a Bit Costlier – Wall-mounted toilets are more expensive than standard toilets. They can certainly be worth it, but you should make sure it can still fit within your budget.
  • Installation is More Complicated – Because the tank exists behind the wall, your wall will need to be opened up down to the studs. You may need to reroute your studs and your plumbing to properly install your new toilet.

Experts Can Handle Installation

Since installing a wall-mounted toilet can be difficult, it’s best to let plumbing experts handle the job. If you’re interested in having a wall-mounted toilet installed, contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today at (410) 451-9340, or by filling out the online form here. One of the original plumbing companies in Anne Arundel County, we are currently family-operated by a brother-sister team. Whether it’s plumbing or complete remodeling projects, Cardigan does it right every time!