Consider Having Your Water Heater Replaced Because Of These Reasons

Water Heaters - Consider Replacing It Because Of These Reasons

Most people don’t tend to spend their time thinking about the state of their water heater. Of course, that is, not until they are in the middle of a shower, and icy cold liquid comes in contact with their skin. Just thinking about the situation can send shivers down your spine. Today’s models are energy efficient, and they heat up quicker than ever before, but there are still multiple reasons as to why it might be the right time for a replacement. The average life expectancy of a heater is between eight and twelve years, so having the unit changed out after it reaches a certain age can be beneficial by preventing leaks from happening.

Although water heaters come with self-cleaning mechanisms, sediment can still build up in the bottom of the tank. Commercial models have portholes that grant plumbers access to the inside of the container for removing the trash, but residential units do not. The burner assembly becomes overworked by trying to heat the water and debris. It shuts down after reaching a particular degree, even if the H20 does not become hot. Connecting a water hose to the boiler drain may flush out some of the built-up sediment, but it does not remove all of it. Popping or rumbling noises can be heard as the debris heats, and the sounds are enough to make people want to pull out their hair. With the thermostat continually kicking on, and off, your gas or electric bill can get out of control quickly. Don’t let this fate become bestowed upon your budget, and instead, allow our technicians to install a new heater.

Any parent with teenage children can attest to the fact that, as kids grow up, there becomes more of a demand for hot water than there once might have been. Daughters and sons alike spend what seems like an eternity taking a shower. There is nothing wrong with this action, but moms and dads getting into a bath with cold water afterward tend to have some complaints. There are not many worst feelings than trying to melt away the anxiety from the day, only to be met by chilled liquid that leaves you more stressed out than before. Allow our team to inspect your water heater, replace it if needed, and protect yourself from experiencing such a fate.

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