Contemporary & Modern Kitchens Are Not The Same Thing

Remodeling Contractor: Contemporary & Modern Kitchens

For many people who’ve decided to do a major remodeling project, especially for a kitchen, talking to a remodeling contractor is often about making plans to update a kitchen and bring it in step with the times. Because a kitchen has so many permanent fixtures, like the countertops and cabinetry, it’s always one of the first rooms in a home to “date” itself because, unlike living rooms and bedrooms; you can’t just modernize a kitchen by painting walls and putting in new furniture.

A kitchen’s design always reflects the trends and fashions of the decade in which the most extensive work was recently done. So a kitchen that had its last major remodeling in the 1980s, for instance, will look very old and unfashionable by today’s standards.

However, for people looking to modernize their kitchens, it’s easy to get the terminology wrong. What many people don’t realize is that a kitchen with modern decorating and contemporary decorating does not necessarily mean the same thing.

Modern Is A Style

In the world of architecture, the term “modern” refers to a specific architectural style, as opposed to a measurement of time. Ironically, the “modern style” was created many decades ago, in the 20th century, and so in one sense, is quite old by modern architectural and décor standards.

At the same time, however, as might be imagined from the name, the modern style retains a timeless, almost futuristic look, as the style emphasizes strong, clean lines and minimal features. This type of architecture remains a prominent aesthetic in what most would consider cutting-edge, more progressive styles.

Contemporary Is A Time

When people talk about contemporary kitchen designs, this is usually what is meant when homeowners think they want a “modern style.” Contemporary kitchen design is a term that covers any of the modern trends and currently fashionable interior decorating and architecture.

So, for example, in the early 00s and 10s of the new millennium, granite countertops with a speckled surface were considered contemporary designs as a reaction to the polymer “Corian” countertops that were popularized in the 90s to simulate stone. These days, genuine stone is considered much more fashionable for those that can fit them into their budget.

This also means that, unlike modernism’s strict aesthetic, contemporary designs are much more flexible. A contemporary design can be as minimal or cluttered as the homeowner wants. The only prevailing characteristic is that it follows the currently fashionable trends in design.

Consistency Is Key

Whether you are committed to having a sleek, minimal kitchen in the classical style of modernism or want a kitchen that no longer looks like what you grew up with as a kid, the important thing is that you commit to a consistent style. Carefully consider your color schemes, cabinet faces, and the type of surface you want for your countertops and backsplashes.

And when you’re ready to move forward and want the best results, always talk to an experienced, fully licensed, and insured remodeling contractor. As one of the most experienced remodeling contractors in the area, we are happy to help if you want to contact us today.