Counters Do Need Maintenance

Bowie Remodeling - Counters Do Need Maintenance

Most people rely on their kitchen countertops as important fixtures for food preparation. However, many people assume that when the Bowie remodeling is done and new countertops have been installed, that’s the end of all the work. The truth is, while countertops don’t have any moving parts, they do need some occasional maintenance beyond just cleaning them. Different materials have different needs.

Bowie Remodeling With Wood Countertops

Nothing looks quite as homey in a kitchen as a wooden countertop. However, wood, being organic, is also one of the highest maintenance countertops, and you need to commit to this if you want to use it as a work surface for food preparation safely.

However, that warm look and texture that make it such a pleasure to work on also mean it’s one of the highest maintenance countertop surfaces. Unlike inorganic surfaces like granite or quartz, wood countertops can decay and, more worryingly, harbor bacterial colonies. Owners need to clean surfaces, oil them down regularly, and reapply stain periodically to keep them safe to use.


Granite and quartz are two popular, common surfaces for countertops for two reasons. They have varied looks, making them versatile for interior decorating, and they are stone surfaces. This means that they are impervious to bacterial infection and also highly resistant to water.

However, stone surfaces also need some periodic maintenance. In this case, however, owners only need to apply some resealer in the case of granite countertops to prevent this porous material from gathering moisture, usually once a year. If you’ve chosen quartz, you don’t even need to reseal it all! Regular cleaning will be enough.


For the ultimate low maintenance countertop, stainless steel is the best choice. This is why it’s a staple in the food and beverage industry. It’s naturally water-resistant, impervious to bacterial infection, and easy to clean. Of course, you sacrifice looks for utilitarian convenience, unless your Bowie remodeling is going with stainless steel, to begin with.