The Countertop Conundrum: Choosing What’s Right for You

Kitchen Countertop - Let Us Help You Choose The Right Material

Finding the right countertop can be exhausting. Choosing what looks good is one place to start, but it’s not the last place to finish. There’s more to good looks when it comes to your kitchen countertops, and choosing the right material goes beyond beauty. You’ll need to think about what you do in your kitchen to really pick the right countertops for your needs.

Kitchens With Kids

If you have small children at home who will be bursting through the kitchen, pouring the cherry Kool-Aid, and making up messy snacks on your countertops for the next 18 years, countertop material, such as white marble, is probably not the best option for your family. Granite once had a reputation of being too fussy for kids, but things have changed in recent years.

Granite is a beautiful countertop material, each slab being unique. Granite is resistant to heat, cuts, and scratches and when properly sealed, it’s non-porous and easy to clean without using agents that can be harmful to children.

Countertops for the Chef

If you love to cook, then you likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen with knives, hot pans, and sauces of every type. A porous surface is the last thing you want in a cook’s kitchen due to bacterial growth and the chance of spills and splatters. For the consummate cook, quartz is the right countertop for you.

Quartz is not only stain, heat, and scratch resistant but it also has a solid, non-porous texture, which means that it won’t harbor bacterial growth. It is super easy to maintain quartz countertops, and there are plenty of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from.

When the Kitchen is Not Often Used

Let’s face it, life is busy for some people. Those who are single, without children, or those who spend more hours out of the house than they do in the house might not use the kitchen very often. This gives you a bit more freedom to choose a countertop material such as wood. Wood countertops are warm, natural, and complement just about any type of home décor. You can choose from a variety of woods and stains for a gorgeous kitchen.

A sealant or mineral oil protects the wood and if yours is a kitchen that is not used very often, you’ll likely not need to worry about too much maintenance. Wood is well worth the beauty it provides.

We work with all three of these countertops and we can help you decide which one is the perfect fit for your kitchen. Busy families inside to busy families outside, call us today to solve your kitchen countertop conundrum.