Countertop Options For Those With Children

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When remodeling your kitchen, we at Cardigan always recommend that our customers take into consideration their family and how the countertops may be used in order to ensure their new kitchen lasts for the long haul. For those with children, a bit of extra wear and tear should always be taken into account when choosing your countertop or flooring surfaces, as you’ll want a surface that is able to withstand the many years of hard use that raising a family may put it through. For countertops in particular, there are some options that make excellent choices in remodeling your kitchen and preparing it for family use, and the top 3 countertop options for those raising a family are:

  1. Granite countertops – When you think of child friendly surfaces, granite isn’t always the first surface option that comes to mind, and for good reason. However, with the modern sealants and finishes that can be applied to granite countertops, this actually makes an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a countertop surface that will last through the hard wear and tear of your kids. Another perk to choosing granite is that it can be cleaned easily, so spills and germs can be eliminated quickly before they’re allowed to cause damage!
  2. Solid Surface – Solid surface countertops offer the same durability as granite, silestone, or cambria. These surfaces are able to withstand impact damage, like if you or your child drops a glass or toy onto the countertop, and they can be cleaned simply to keep germs or contamination at bay.
  3. Laminate – For a more inexpensive option, many families choose laminate in their kitchen refinishing projects as a countertop material option, and this is also due to its durability and ease of cleaning. With laminate, all a person requires is a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning, and the surface is able to withstand many years of impact or repeated use.

If you’re raising a family in your home, and you plan to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to consider the abuses your family may put your countertops through, and to choose a countertop surfacing option that will keep its look and durability throughout the tests of time. For more information on just which countertop options may be best for you, or if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, call us at Cardigan today to get started!

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