Create Your Dream Space With Maryland Kitchen And Bath Remodeling

Create Your Dream Space With Maryland Kitchen And Bath RemodelingKitchens and bathrooms are the most used rooms in Maryland homes, so they must function in a way that works for your family’s lifestyle. Although Maryland offers many stunning historic homes with unique character, they don’t always have the contemporary fixtures you need for modern living. Kitchen and bath remodeling can help you update these important rooms while also keeping the character you love about your Maryland home. The key is to work with kitchen and bath remodeling experts like Cardigan Kitchens and Baths.

For over thirty years, our owners, Jim and Pam, have been helping Marylanders update their outdated kitchens and bathrooms. We work with you at every step, from the design to the renovation to the final walkthrough. Our long-standing relationships with suppliers and local contractors ensure you get the highest quality for the most affordable price. No matter what you envision for your kitchen and bath remodeling project, we can turn it into a reality.

Upgrade The Heart Of Your Home With Maryland Kitchen Remodeling

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes, where our families gather to break bread. Having a functional, stylish kitchen is essential, especially if you love to cook and spend time with your family. We provide full-service kitchen and bath remodeling. When you work with Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we take care of everything, including:

● Cabinetry And Storage Solutions
● Flooring
● Plumbing, Sinks, And Faucets
● Electrical Work And Light Fixture Installation
● Countertops And Backsplashes
● Appliance Installation
● Painting And Wall Finishing
● Kitchen Islands
● Ventilation And Range Hoods
● Hardware and Other Fixtures

Whether you want to add a bar sink or renovate your kitchen from top to bottom, our Maryland team is here to help with all your kitchen remodeling needs.

Design A Relaxing Escape With Maryland Bathroom Remodeling

Our bathrooms can offer a serene escape and a spa-like experience. An updated bathroom is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, especially in the cold Maryland winters. When you hire the knowledgeable team at Cardigan for a bathroom remodel, we take care of everything, including:

● Medicine Cabinets, Storage Cabinets, And Vanities
● Flooring And Wall Tile
● Plumbing, Sinks, Faucets, Toilet, Bidet, Shower, And Tub Installations
● Electrical Work, Ventilation Systems, And Lighting Fixtures
● Countertops And Backsplashes
● Painting, Wallpaper, And Wall Finishing
● Hardware, Mirrors, And Other Fixtures
● Saunas And Whirlpools

No matter if you want your bathroom to feel like a family-friendly Ocean City escape or a zen-like spa, our Maryland team will make it happen.

Kitchen And Bath Remodeling For Selling Your Maryland Home

When selling your Maryland home, one of the best ways to increase your home’s value and maximize your return is to update your kitchen and bathroom. Updated kitchens and bathrooms have a significant ROI when selling a home because they are the most desired rooms. Our team of designers is current on the latest trends and has long-standing relationships with Maryland’s real estate industry. We’ll help you strategically update your kitchen and bathroom to boost your sale price.

Understanding The Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Process

Home renovations are very complicated, and it can take time to get them right. However, when you work with Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we make the process simple. Here’s what to expect during your kitchen and bath remodeling:

1. Design the Space: Collaborate with a skilled designer to envision your space, considering materials, budget, and timeline. Gather ideas from various sources to inspire the design.
2. Get the Necessary Permits: Your designer will create detailed plans and work with the local Maryland county permit office to ensure compliance and obtain the necessary permits.
3. Hire Contractors: With over 30 years of experience in Maryland, Cardigan provides access to reliable, professional contractors and establishes a timeline for the remodel.
4. Start Demolition and Prep: Remove furniture, decor, and other items. Then, tear down walls, remove flooring, and strip outdated fixtures. Dispose of any debris.
5. Do the Structural Work and Installation: Complete structural work, update electrical and plumbing systems, and install flooring, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures. Apply wall treatments and finishing touches.
6. Clean Up and Do the Final Inspection: Schedule final inspections with the Maryland building department to ensure code compliance and address any identified issues.

Once your Maryland home passes inspection, we’ll clean the entire remodeled area thoroughly, and your family can start enjoying your newly renovated space.

Trust Maryland’s Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Experts

When you’re ready to tackle your home remodel, the experienced team at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths is here to help. We’ll take you through the kitchen and bath remodeling process from start to finish, offering expert guidance along the way. Contact us now to get started today!