Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen in Crofton

Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen in Crofton

Farmhouse kitchens are the perfect way for you to combine a variety of different styles that you love to create a beautiful and cohesive space. Farmhouse embodies styles with cottage, vintage, and rustic appeal as well as more traditional aesthetics as well.

If you are looking to achieve a farmhouse kitchen in Crofton, then there are a few things you can incorporate while also making sure a bit of your own personal style is thrown in there as well.

Fresh Flowers

No farmhouse kitchen is complete without an array of beautiful fresh flowers to adorn the countertops and table. When choosing flowers for your kitchen, always go for more seasonal options for a bright and fresh look.

Hardwood Floors

Wood is always an element to incorporate when trying to achieve a farmhouse style. The hardwood is naturally beautiful, inviting, and classic and is a welcoming addition to the space.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks or apron-front sinks have that vintage appeal and charm that is also important when trying to achieve the traditional farmhouse aesthetic. This can end up being the focal point of the kitchen that pulls all the other design elements into place.


Cream or white cabinets contrasting with the rich and natural hardwood flooring creates a clean and light appearance that makes the room brighter. It is also good to balance out any other darker finishes or pieces you add to the kitchen as well.

Vintage Accents

Once you have the hardwood flooring and the clean white cabinetry, you can then begin to add in all the other accessories and elements to bring the space together to achieve a farmhouse feel.

Pitchers and pottery and a few strategically placed vintage signs can help create a fun atmosphere that also screams your own personality. If you chose open cabinets, you could adorn them with white dishes. An antique clock hanging on one wall is also a small accent that can make all the difference.

What farmhouse kitchen is complete without its fair share of mason jars? A few beautiful mason jars displayed in open cabinetry can provide that vintage look you are going for and makes a great focal point for the room as well. They can be decorative and organized as you wish to fit your own personality and style.

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