Creating The Kitchen Island Of Your Dreams

Creating The Kitchen Island Of Your Dreams

Dreaming of an island getaway? Sure, us too! But what about that other island you’ve dreaming about? You know, the one you’ve been wanting in your kitchen? Let us help you draw the layout of your kitchen remodel to include a beautiful, functional island that meets your needs and wants. So, what is the objective of your new kitchen island?

Additional storage and counter space

If you want a place to prep food and store a few small appliances and mixing bowls, a compact island with drawers, cabinets, and/or shelves on all sides might be what you need. These smaller islands can even be portable, meaning- on wheels! They will not have the electrical outlets or plumbing of a larger, more complex island, but they will serve your objectives of additional storage and counter space, and they will be more affordable.

Extra seating and counter space

If you do not need more kitchen storage, but want a place for your loved ones to sit while you all make big family dinners, a table island might suit your needs best. It’s positioned like an island, and in the same design as the rest of your kitchen, but it is essentially a table. You can tuck bar stools underneath, use it to display appetizers or desserts for special occasions, or give yourself more room to prep freezer meals for the month. It is a charming, versatile area that can add some much-needed counter space, while still maintaining an open feel to kitchens. Those with one-wall kitchens often like this option.

A second sink and more electrical outlets

If you are looking for an additional space to wash fruits and vegetables, use your small appliances, and have the storage space for your gadgets, a fully functional island is what you will need. These are basically secondary kitchens. Since plumbing and electrical lines must be ran underneath the island, these islands will be more expensive. But, if you are need of a functional space to wash, prep, blend, toast, and more, this option will be worth it.

There are a plethora of kitchen island options to explore. Decide what needs you want met with an island, and then let our design team show you what is possible. Check out our planning guide or contact us today, and we can work together to make your (kitchen) island dreams come true!