Crofton Bathroom Remodeling

Crofton Bathroom Remodeling
Bedrooms can be repurposed. Dens and family rooms can be ignored. Even kitchens don’t serve much purpose if you prefer eating out to cooking at home. However, no matter what sort of life you live or what sort of use you get out of the rest of your rooms, there’s one part of your home that you’re guaranteed to use every single day: the bathroom. And since you’re guaranteed to spend time there, why not make sure it’s the most beautiful bathroom possible?

Cardigan Is Your Crofton Remodeler

Since 1971, Cardigan Kitchen and Baths has been remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other plumbing services. Our home base is Crofton, Maryland, which places us at a convenient distance from the communities of Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis, and it means we’re the people to call for a Crofton bathroom remodeling.

Plumbing is how our company got its start, and it’s still our bread and butter, but these days we’ve expanded our services to include complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, cabinetry installation for any part of your home, especially the beautiful designs of Yorktowne cabinets, and ceramic tile installations.

Remodel For Beauty And Comfort

If you moved into a newly built home, or if the previous owners did nothing to remodel or improve their home, then chances are that your bathrooms are as basic as they come. White walls, white ceiling, a white linoleum floor, and a white sink, toilet, and bathtub. And while there’s a certain purity that comes with the color white (not to mention how easy it makes cleaning), it’s also very boring without any other colors or contrasts beyond whatever shower curtains you happened to buy.

By coming to us for a Crofton bathroom remodeling, you’ll be able to turn a boring white room into an interesting place for you to spend your time. A remodeled bathroom can take on an identity that goes beyond the purpose it serves, something that makes it a part of the rest of your home instead of just a water closet you’d like to ignore.

Remodel For Efficiency And Technology

Our Crofton bathroom remodeling service can have a practical benefit, too. Modern plumbing fixtures can take advantage of a lot of modern technology, technology you’ll get to use if you remodel. For instance, a waterproof flat screen TV installed in the wall on one side of your bathtub or shower stall can let you catch up on the day’s news in the morning or let you watch entire shows during a long soak.

You can also install a smart shower system that saves on water and heat without sacrificing comfort, and if your toilets are a couple decades old or more, you could save a lot of water with a modern low-flow design.

Efficiency can take other forms, too. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may be wasting space by not installing extra cabinets that turn your open spaces into storage spaces. On top of storing whatever needs storing, these cabinets can add a touch of old-fashioned class with some classic wood surfaces or a touch of modern design with a little paint in any shade you can imagine. Either way, your Crofton bathroom remodeling experts can help.

Remodel For The Future

One of the best aspects of remodeling your home is the fact that it’s not an expense so much as it’s an investment. A fully modern, beautiful home is more than just a gorgeous place to live, it’s a more valuable piece of property than the original design. If you ever decide to sell, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a significant payout, and if you pass your property on to your children, then they’ll have a wonderful place to live.

But no matter what your reason is for remodeling, you can count on Cardigan for your Maryland remodeling needs. Whether you want a Crofton bathroom remodeling, a Baltimore laundry room upgrade, a Washington cabinetry installation, or a new Annapolis kitchen, we can help. Our business is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and we’re perfectly willing to provide you with any references you’d like. So if you want to see what we have to offer, feel free to stop on by during our showroom hours or call ahead to set up an appointment.