Crofton Kitchen Renovations

Crofton Kitchen RenovationsMaryland has a winning combination of low unemployment rates, diversity, and amazing schools that are perfect for young families. So, whether you have lived in Maryland for years or are considering moving, you will find it is one of the best states for raising your family. If, after plenty of searching and house hunting, you have finally found a place to settle down, you may have noticed that some rooms in the home lack when it comes to modern upgrades and features that make your new Maryland home truly yours. With careful planning, you can achieve the kitchen renovation of your dreams. With a little knowledge, you can also sidestep some of the more common pitfalls that come along with kitchen renovations and remodels, so you can start enjoying your new Crofton kitchen renovations much sooner.

Why Renovate?

Still on the fence about a Crofton kitchen renovation? Take a look at some of the more common reasons homeowners choose to renovate.

More Family Time

The kitchen is one of the home’s busiest spaces and is a place where the family can gather for some valuable family time. This is one of the biggest reasons people choose Crofton kitchen renovations.
More than 49 percent of homeowners have undergone a kitchen renovation as a way to bring their family closer together. They increased the amount of counter space they had available, brought in new appliances, and created a space where they enjoyed gathering and cooking.

More Homemade Meals

Another reason to renovate the kitchen is to encourage more homemade meals. Homemade meals are usually a lot healthier than meals on the run and having the kitchen of your dreams is a great way to motivate you and inspire you to make more meals at home for the family.

More than 41 percent of homeowners admitted renovating their kitchens to make it a place to encourage home cooking.

More Space For Entertaining

If you love hosting parties and entertaining family and friends, then you need a kitchen that encourages people to stay and hang out. Crofton kitchen renovations can help you make the kitchen the heart of the home and the center of the party.

More Of A Refresh

Finally, some people want a kitchen renovation as more of a refresh. Almost 44 percent of homeowners decided on a kitchen renovation for this reason. They wanted a space that could increase their happiness and well-being. Something they weren’t getting from their old, outdated kitchens.

Your Planning Guide

Are you ready to design your dream kitchen and make it a reality for your new Maryland home? With Crofton kitchen renovations and Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, you can do just that. Simply download our planning guide to get started!

We will walk you through the step-by-step process of designing your dream kitchen, ensuring that the space is as spacious and functional as you need it to be. We can help define your parameters, take inventory, draw up the floor plan you want, and then sketch the idea so you can see what it could look like.

Discuss New Cabinetry

When designing your dream kitchen, have you considered the kind of cabinetry you want in the space? Perhaps you need more room for storage, or you want a new color or design. With Crofton kitchen renovations, you can do just that. We offer design and installation services for all your cabinet storage needs.

Plumbing Services

If you need to discuss plumbing options for your kitchen renovation, we can help with that too. We can take care of all your plumbing needs during your renovation, including the disposal, icemaker, dishwasher, and sink.

Tile Work

You may also be interested in new tile for your Crofton kitchen renovation. If so, you want to have access to the most popular materials Maryland homeowners have so you can choose the best for your home. Ceramic tile, for example, is a great choice because you will have several color and style options, and it is a stain-resistant material perfect for any kitchen.

What Are You Waiting For?

So, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to get started on your kitchen renovation, give us a call today to discuss our services and fill you in on all the options available to you.

Remember, the right kitchen renovation can completely transform the space, create a more usable living area, and become much more functional for your family’s needs. If you are ready to discuss design options, contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today to start planning.