Crofton Maryland Remodeling

Crofton Maryland Remodeling Located less than 10 miles from Maryland’s capital of Annapolis, Crofton is a town which nearly 30,000 people call home. Crofton Maryland remodeling is something that will be a conversation point for landlords, homeowners, and business owners at least once during their residence within the region. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling helps to keep Crofton area properties safe, convenient, stylish, and up to date. Whether you’re planning to sell your property in the near future, or you’re simply looking to bring your space into the latest trends of the decade, Crofton Maryland remodeling is something worth considering.

Crofton Maryland Remodeling For The Bathroom

The bathroom is an area of a home or any property that should be updated around every 5 or so years. It’s one of the most used spaces in the home, and one of the most important in terms of function and cleanliness. Allowing a bathroom to age to the point of breakdown can make the space difficult to clean and use, but also subject to damaging leaks, clogs, or other damages. Regular bathroom remodeling for your Crofton area home or business ensures that all fixtures will be working properly when you need them the most.

Crofton, Maryland remodeling for the bathroom can really transform your space for fashion, function, or both. For instance, if you find your home bathroom running out of space due to a unique previous layout, your bathroom remodel can open up the space so clutter ceases to be a problem. Bathrooms can also be remodeled for accessibility and safety for those who live in or use the space.

Crofton Maryland Remodeling For The Kitchen

Next to the bathroom, the most used space in any home is the kitchen. It’s where generations of recipes are shared, memories are made, and nourishment is created. Much like the bathroom, the kitchen is a space that should be functional, easy to clean, and someplace you find joy spending time in. Crofton, Maryland remodeling for the kitchen can open up your kitchen space and make it the sort of kitchen you simply can’t wait to get cooking in.

A common reason to remodel a kitchen in Crofton is for space. A kitchen with a lot of clutter is a kitchen that will make regular use inconvenient and cleaning far less timely than it could be. A Crofton, Maryland kitchen remodeling job may include changing the layout of the kitchen for better workflow, installing new counters for more space and easier cleaning, and more storage to allow for a better organized workspace.

Crofton, Maryland remodeling for the kitchen can embrace any sort of style a home or business owner is looking for. One may opt for a more industrial-style kitchen designed for cooking for bigger crowds, while another is looking for something warm, homey, and modern. For those who prefer a vintage look to their homes, they may even opt for a kitchen remodel that morphs their kitchen into a mid-century modern masterpiece. When it comes to Crofton kitchen remodeling, you work with our professional Cardigan Kitchen & Bath designers to turn your dream kitchen remodel into a reality.

Remodeling Your Kitchen Or Bathroom To Prepare For A Sale

If you’re preparing to sell your Crofton, Maryland area property, you’ll want to offer up a home that prospective buyers organically fall in love with. A kitchen or bath remodel is an incredibly easy way to increase both the curb appeal and the monetary value of a home, making it a worthwhile investment.

If you plan to remodel before a sale, it’s recommended to spend around 5% of your total home’s value on the kitchen or bathroom remodel. So, if a home is worth $100,000, this would give a proposed budget of around $5,000. This could be a little more or a little less, but within this range is ideal for maximizing your return on investment.

Recent studies have found that remodeling, particularly a kitchen or bathroom remodel, is an influencing factor for around 80% of home buyers. Buyers want to move into a fresh and new space; a space that doesn’t need immediate remodeling after they’ve purchased the home. The monetary return on investment for a kitchen or bathroom remodel is around 60%, but the value of being able to sell the home quickly should not go ignored.

Our professionals at Cardigan are here to talk about your Crofton, Maryland remodeling ideas whether you plan to sell soon or you’re in the market for an update.