Crofton Maryland Remodeling

Crofton Maryland RemodelingBowie is one of the older residential areas in Maryland, and while it may not have the size of a city like Baltimore, there’s no shortage of history here. What started out as a sleepy town with a claim to fame as part of the railway eventually grew into affluence—and even controversy—throughout history.

Today, Bowie is a much larger place than it used to be, thanks to the annexation of Belair, and a place of social progress as well. During the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, the anti-African American policies of Belair were challenged, and eventually overturned, making Bowie a place where anyone of any race could live. And that means that homeowners here have a wide variety of residences to choose from, whether it’s early colonial homes, or the latest condo, using modern building materials.

This can sometimes mean that even though you’ve found the home you want to live in, it’s not exactly the way you want it. Or maybe you’ve lived in it for many years and it’s high time for some improvements. Whatever the case Crofton Maryland remodeling for your home may be the solution you need to bring your entire home together the way you imagined.

Proudly Local

Cardigan Kitchens & Baths is your Crofton Maryland remodeling expert, but we weren’t always in this business! When the company first started in 1971, we were plumbers, helping people in Bowie and other parts of Maryland with their plumbing issues. But because of our commitment to quality, and our concern for our customers, we often found ourselves giving advice and even help on matters related to more than just pipes.

Over 40 years later, the Schulz family that owns and operates the business is now just as much about Crofton Maryland remodeling as it is about plumbing. If there’s an aspect of your home that you think needs to be fixed, changed, or improved, maybe we can help!

The Bathroom

True to our original plumbing roots, bathroom remodeling is one area of expertise we offer. You may want to add a new bathroom to one of the floors in your home. Or maybe you’ve just moved into a home and the bathroom hasn’t been redone in decades. If you’re just trying to make your new home exactly the way you want it, or get your home ready for resale, modernizing the bathroom with new tile, fixtures and a new look is a great way to do it!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is still the heart of the home, but a lot has changed! We’re far beyond the point where the only fixtures where the stove and the sink. It’s now a world with microwaves, dish washers, air fryers, food processors, and even open concept spaces, so people can see and interact with each other! Make your kitchen more spacious, efficient, and easy to use with modern appliances and conveniences by getting a Crofton Maryland remodeling.


Storage is one thing a family will never have too much of! We can provide cabinets and other storage spaces for just about anything you can imagine, it’s not just limited to the kitchen! Maybe you’ve got a new home office that needs more storage for documents and office supplies. Or maybe that entertainment center you’ve always dreamed off needs more space for electronics and your collection of movies, games and other collectibles. Our Crofton Maryland remodeling can make it happen.


The floor of your home may not be something you look at often, or give much thought to, but Crofton Maryland remodeling is important here too! Not only can the right tiling change the look of an entire room, it can be important for comfort and safety, especially in places like the bathroom or kitchen where liquids on walking surfaces can pose real hazards to everyone in the home.


And of course, the business we started in is still a cornerstone of our Crofton Maryland remodeling services! If you’re looking to repair your plumbing, get new fixtures, or just improve your property value with a new water heater, or a complete upgrade to your drainage system now that you’re remodeling the kitchen, we have the experience and expertise to help!

So remember, if you live in the Bowie or Crofton area, and you’ve decided to make your home exactly the way you want it, Cardigan Kitchens & Baths has over 40 years of experience working our friends and neighbors in the area, to make their vision a reality! Contact us today to explain what you’re thinking of for your home, and we’ll take you through all the steps, and work out what’s possible with the budget that you have in mind. Then leave the rest to us!