Crofton MD Plumbing Services

Crofton MD Plumbing ServicesCrofton, MD is a quiet suburb off the main interstates, but its central location puts it equally close to Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis. The community is only as old as the 1960s, making it one of the newest towns in central Maryland, although farms have filled the nearby landscape for hundreds of years.

But while the Crofton community is young by Maryland standards, half a century is a long time for a house to stand. 50 years have brought new building codes and technology, plus all those years of rain, snow, and settling earth take their toll. There’s always a need for repairs and remodeling, and that’s why at Cardigan we offer our assistance for Crofton, MD plumbing services, tile work, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Crofton MD Plumbing Services Goes Back Decades

Cardigan is almost as old as Crofton itself. We first opened for business in 1971 and offered Crofton, MD plumbing services, and plumbing repair is still a cornerstone of our company. Between our decades of experience and our growing range of services, we can now handle problems with every plumbing fixture in the home, such as:

• Showers
• Baths
• Toilets
• Sinks
• Garbage disposals
• Water heaters
• Dishwashers
• Sump pumps
• Pipes in general

Since we’re also full-service bathroom and kitchen remodelers, you won’t need to hire any other contractors no matter how bad the water damage is or how much we need to remove to reach the leaky pipe. You can count on Cardigan to handle plumbing jobs from start to finish, even if that means completely replacing a fixture or replacing part of a wall.

We Can Remake Your Kitchen

Along with helping Crofton, MD with plumbing services, we can remodel your kitchen to update its fashion, add higher-quality materials, and replace the old appliances with newer versions. We can handle everything from new paint and a tile floor to a unique set of cabinets courtesy of our partner, Yorktowne Cabinetry.

Even if all you want are new appliances and the same classic look, we can help. Our expert plumbers and electricians will help you install your replacements with as little damage to your counters and cabinets as possible, and once it’s done you’ll be able to enjoy things like a more efficient dishwasher, a smart refrigerator that can tell you when it’s time to get more groceries, and an oven you can preheat on your drive home from work. Whatever modern appliances you want, we’ll help you put them in place.

We’ll Help You Modernize Your Home

Along with kitchens, we also remodel bathrooms. This means we can install low-flow toilets that help you use less water every day, and we can give you a modern shower with a built-in waterproof monitor or a bathtub with a fashionable design. We can also replace your sink and bathroom cabinets to update their look or bring them more in line with the rest of your home.

Speaking of which, we can remodel more than just your bathroom and kitchen depending on your needs. We can also remodel your laundry room by replacing your washer and dryer with high-efficiency models that don’t use nearly as much water or electricity, and we can add a set of simple cabinets that will hold all your household cleaning supplies.

Outside of those rooms, tiles are a nice addition to a main hallway, especially since they’re easier to clean than carpets and more durable than wood. We could build a custom cabinet for your home entertainment system, or we can add shelves to your basement to help keep your storage spaces organized. Cabinets can also come in handy for your home office. So while we still offer Crofton, MD plumbing services, we can do a lot more depending on your needs

From bathrooms and kitchens to laundry rooms and basements, Cardigan can help with all your remodeling needs. We started with Crofton, MD plumbing services and we still offer them today, but we can also modernize your home appliances and get them installed with a minimum of fuss. So if you own a house in Crofton or a neighboring community like Odenton, Bowie, or Millersville, you should contact Cardigan today and stop by our office to see what we can do for you.