Cut Costs On Bathroom Remodeling With These 3 Tips

Cut Costs On Bathroom Remodeling With These 3 Tips

The idea of a bathroom remodel can be intimidating for some homeowners, more often than not because of the staggering cost the project can incur. While it is inevitable that you will definitely spend a pretty penny to get decent bathroom remodeling done, it is possible for you to save on a few factors. Successful remodeling projects begin with a clear vision about what really needs to be worked on, and a realistic budget to work around.

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to achieve a successful bathroom remodel without having to break the bank.

Think Twice About Replacements To Keep Down The Bathroom Remodeling Cost

While bathroom remodeling projects are all about refreshing the space, it’s wise to put a lot of thought into whether some things need to be replaced or not. Replacing major bathroom utilities such as bathtubs and toilets require a lot of plumbing and possible demolition work. Ask your contractor if these units really are in need of a replacement, and if they’re not, consider having them refinished instead. The same principle applies to counters, instead of replacing the entire unit, perhaps invest in elegant, heavy-duty countertops instead such as Cambria, Silestone, or granite.

Think Long Term

While you are trying to spend less on your bathroom remodel, it’s wise to invest in some items and utilities that will last you decades instead of cheaper options that’ll waste away in a year or two. For example, wooden countertops tend to be cheaper than quartz or granite ones, but they also tend to rot when exposed to a lot of moisture. Choose the better option and save yourself from having to constantly maintain cheaper picks in the future.

Get a Plumbing Inspection

Hire a trusted Master Plumber to inspect your plumbing to prevent the risk of having another major remodeling project in the future. Your plumber should be able to check your pipes, tanks, heaters, sump pump, drainage, drains, and other fixtures to point out if anything’s in need of fixing or replacement. It’s much easier and cheaper to prevent damages from happening instead of fixing them, so this step is definitely a smart choice for a bathroom remodel.