Deluxe Tub Or Deluxe Shower, Which Is Best For You?

Your tub and your shower are both equally important to your new bathroom, and we at Cardigan want to help you in your decision to go with a deluxe tub or deluxe shower in order to give you the best new bathroom experience possible. The right choice isn’t going to be the same for every person, so we wanted to outline a few reasons or ways in which you can make this choice just a little bit easier!

The first thing you need to consider is space, and having a deluxe shower installed can help you to save space in smaller bathrooms. Smaller bathrooms will often need to be opened up in order to maximize the space you have, and a deluxe shower can do just that. Without a tub, the shower takes up more space vertically than horizontally, thereby utilizing normally empty space, rather than taking up floor space, and this can be a huge help in making a small bathroom appear and function like a bigger one.

If you do have ample space in your bathroom, and you love taking time out to relax, a deluxe tub can be the perfect option for you. These tubs do take up more floor space when compared to a shower, but if you have the space to spare, they can be the perfect way to transform your bathroom into your new personal spa.

There is also no reason why you can’t opt for both if you have the space available, and this can provide you with two different experiences in one. For the shower, you can have a wonderful experience in your spa-like shower stall, and you can also opt to relax in your deluxe tub if you’ve had a long day. We at Cardigan, of course, can help to work your remodel around your shower, tub, or both, and this can allow you to have a bathroom that truly flows into a complete experience!

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