Designing Your Kitchen Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash is a little way to express your personality. Do you love loud colors? Do you like geometric patterns? Are you contemporary or traditional? All of these things can be portrayed in your backsplash. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Test Out Your Tile

Did you find a tile that you love? Take home a sample and tape it to the wall in your kitchen where it is going to go. Check it out at different times during the day. Does the sunlight change the look of the tile? Do you still like it as much as you thought you would? Sometimes seeing the tile in action can make or break your love affair.

Mix And Match

Try sticking to the same color scheme, but mixing the finish of your tiles. Add some sparkle with metallic tiles, or some glass tiles for a more translucent look. Different finishes will make the backsplash pop out and draw more attention to your design.


Check the thickness of your tiles with each other in order to make your backsplash lay even. Realize that if your tiles are different, you will have to build up the grout behind the tile in order to get them to lay flat. This can be done, but it takes a lot more time. It may be easier in the long run to choose tiles that are of similar thickness to each other.

In Stock?

Be sure that the tile you want is in stock, and that they have enough of the tile for you to finish your entire project. It would be awful to get halfway through your backsplash, only to realize that the store ran out of the tile that you are using. If you are placing an order for a specialty tile that comes from somewhere far away, you may want to consider ordering some extra, just in case. You never know when a tile might crack or you may have calculated wrong. If you are purchasing a tile that is on clearance or not going to be available much longer, you may want to keep a few extra on hand for the future.

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