Do You Need A Backsplash?

Do You Need A Backsplash?

If you’re looking at getting some remodeling done for your kitchen, one of the things you may want to consider is whether you want a raised backsplash attached to your countertop. This choice is as much one of aesthetics as it can be a practical piece of home protection, the choice really is up to you.

How It Works

Depending on the type of cooking you do, and the amount of actual use you put your kitchen through, a backsplash may be a good investment, or an unnecessary expense. It is an “extension” of your countertop, so that, when your counter meets the wall of the kitchen, it actually “goes up,” providing some extra coverage over the existing wall.

For people that do a lot of cooking with liquids, or frying and other activities that result in grease being released into the air, a backsplash prevents these substances from making contact with the kitchen wall and either being absorbed into the wall, or dripping down, behind the counter where they may damage less protected areas.

If your kitchen is largely ornamental in nature, and doesn’t get a lot of heavy use, this may not be a good expenditure of your money, unless you consider the aesthetic benefits. The extra coverage of a backsplash can often add a bit more texture and color to the look of a kitchen. If that’s how your taste runs, you may enjoy the added visual accent the backsplash adds to your kitchen for purely decorative purposes.

You Have Choices

A backsplash doesn’t have to be made of the same material as your actual countertop, which adds to its decorative possibilities. But the one thing you will notice with a good, working backsplash is that your wall and rear counter now have better protection. If you want to know exactly what your backsplash options are, just to talk to someone right here at Cardigan Kitchens & Baths to see how we can help with this aspect of your kitchen remodeling.