Do You Really Need A Backsplash?

Home Improvement Contractors In Maryland: Need A Backsplash?

If home improvement contractors in Maryland are remodeling your kitchen, you’re most likely keeping an eye on the big-ticket items like new kitchen cabinets or appliances such as stoves or sink and faucet fixtures. However, you should not ignore the backsplash if you want to keep your kitchen in good condition.

What Is The Backsplash?

All kitchens constructed by quality home improvement contractors in Maryland will have at least 4″ of backsplash “shielding” in their kitchen. This is a small barrier that rises from the countertop to protect the kitchen wall.

However, beyond that minimal backsplash capability, kitchen walls can extend this protection to cover the entire wall, often with a tile similar to what might line the walls in a bathroom. The reason for this is the same as for a bathroom. Again, to protect the wall from moisture, but also, in this case, grease and staining from vapors that arise from cooking.

Why Do You Need A Backsplash Installed By Home Improvement Contractors In Maryland

Unless you deliberately choose paint meant for bathrooms, standard house paint is vulnerable to repeated exposure to moisture. However, unlike a bathroom, which only ever gets exposed to water, a kitchen wall may potentially contact grease, oil, and other cooking ingredients, all of which even bathroom wall-treated paint may not stand up to. This can result in stains permanently embedded in the walls and eventually degradation.

Backsplashes prevent this from happening. They can also add to the room’s look by changing the color and texture of the wall. It’s important to note that what really matters is the backsplash functionality. Tile, for example, doesn’t have to be the only choice when it comes to a kitchen backsplash.

If you’d like to know more about what kinds of options you have for backsplash installation, make sure to mention with your home improvement contractors in Maryland to see if they can make any recommendations or point you in the right direction to research your choices.