Do You Remodel Your Bathroom Or Your Kitchen?

General Contractor Maryland: What To Remodel First?Few homeowners have the kind of discretionary income or savings to renovate a home with no budgetary considerations. In some cases, owners will have to pick one major project and stick with that, at least for the time being. But if you’re working with a general contractor in Maryland on your home, should you remodel your kitchen or bathroom first? Here’s how you choose.

Family Needs First

Every home situation is different, so you need to look at your own first to determine the situation. If your family does a lot of cooking and is experiencing severe limitations due to a kitchen that’s less than ideal, then the kitchen remodel should come first.

On the other hand, if you notice a lot of “traffic” in the morning as family members get ready for work or school and arguments in the evening about who can take a shower, or use a toilet, then the choice is clear. A bathroom remodel, especially adding a new one, is a priority.


If you’re living in a home while the work is done, there will be a big impact on your day-to-day experience, especially in a Work-From-Home situation. Having kitchen work done means alternative cooking methods like hot plates and restaurant dining for the weeks in which the kitchen will be unavailable.

Why You Need A General Contractor In Maryland

Bathroom remodels can differ greatly in experience. If you’re adding a bathroom, there may be the minor inconvenience of water being turned off in the home at certain hours while work is being done, but your existing bathroom is still there for use. However, if you’re having all bathrooms remodeled, this may mean none are available, and you’ll need to compensate for your lack of access to a toilet, shower, and bath until all of this functionality is restored.

If you need a general contractor in Maryland for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, contact us today.