Does Your Home Need A Bathtub?

Bathroom Remodeling Near Me: Who Can Help With A Tub?

Some homeowners look at their bathrooms and try to find more ways to make these rooms fit their lifestyle, then ask the question, “who does bathroom remodeling near me,” to find professionals to help. One of the more radical ideas is investing in a larger shower space, such as an expansive, walk-in shower, and forgoing the usual inclusion of a bathtub. But is this a good idea?

Your Needs

Of course, different homeowners will have other uses and preferences for bathrooms. A person using a wheelchair who lives alone, for example, would have little use for a bathtub as it would be too inconvenient and even potentially dangerous to use. The same may be true for senior citizens, as the slippery surface of a bathtub can sometimes pose an accident risk that can be serious for someone with frail bones.

Then there are some people who don’t take baths very often, preferring to shower. There has been a growing trend of baths becoming less frequent and popular simply because bathtubs themselves take up a lot of space, and taking a bath takes a lot of time.

Sale Needs

So if you think you may not need a bathtub, you may be right, and it may be perfect for your home needs. However, for some, there is also a question of return on investment and resale value. There is a definite consequence sales-wise to deciding that a home doesn’t need a bathtub.

One of the most obvious demographics for buyers is young families. Potential homeowners with young children will still be looking for homes with at least one bathtub for child needs. A home without bathtubs will usually be a deal breaker for these buyers. Also, if you have a larger home with multiple bathrooms and no bathtubs, this may be a turn-off to luxury homeowners, who often want at least one premium/luxury tub on the property for their lifestyle needs.

Making A Decision

If you want more space—or just a more spacious walk-in shower—in your bathroom, and you don’t enjoy taking baths, removing the bathtub can only improve your home experience. This is especially true if the home you’re living in is “the one,” and you plan on spending many years in it, perhaps even retiring here.

For people worried about resale value, another alternative is to have a single bathtub somewhere in the home, but not necessarily the master or even the house’s main bathroom. A guest bathroom could have a small tub and still meet the buying criteria for many prospective home seekers.

Ultimately, of course, the decision is yours and revolves around your needs and your plans for your home. If your home will go up for sale in the near future, and return on investment is your priority, you should keep a tub in place. But if you don’t enjoy baths and want a premium shower experience, ask yourself, “who does bathroom remodeling near me,” and get the help you need. And if you want experienced professionals for your bathroom remodeling, contact us today.