Don’t Make These 4 Costly Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Kitchen Renovations: Don't Make These Mistakes When Remodeling

Nothing is perfect, and when it comes to a big project like kitchen renovations, it’s expected that some mistakes will be made along the way. However, whether it’s a mistake you made or a mistake on the part of the contractor you’re working with, there are some errors that can have a huge impact on your total spending and even blow well past the initial budget you allocated for your kitchen renovations.

Here are four mistakes you should avoid if you want to stay on budget.

Working With The Wrong Contractor

This is the first and often most fatal mistake that homeowners can make. If you carefully research your potential contractors, you should be looking for companies with established reputations, lots of reviews, and, perhaps most importantly, a good recent track record since things can have potentially changed from years earlier.
However, people who rush this and don’t pick a reputable, experienced contractor can get locked into a situation where work doesn’t get done on time, or not to the quality hoped for, or, worst all, more expensive than initially planned for, especially if work needs to be done repeatedly to fix past mistakes.

Not Getting It In Writing

In the business world, a contract is legally binding, and a “handshake agreement” is not. This means that if things were verbally agreed on or sealed with a handshake, but there’s no documentation to back up any claims, nothing is enforceable.

In the worst-case scenario, if a contractor suddenly increases the final price of your kitchen renovations, you have no legal recourse to challenge this. However, if you get an estimate, a breakdown of costs with individual parts and labor, and have all of this in black and white, then if there’s a dispute or disparity in the numbers, that contract and written estimate give you a foundation to argue from that civil law will respect.

Changing Your Mind

This is perhaps the most common—and costly—mistake homeowners can make and not the contractors’ fault at all. Unlike working on a computer where people can choose an “undo” or “CTRL-Z” option to reverse mistakes, if you decide the direction you’re taking with your kitchen renovations isn’t the one you wanted, after all, this can reset your budget all the way back to zero, depending on how drastic the change is.

Even something that seems trivial, such as deciding to move the sink and counter to the opposite wall from where it was originally planned, can increase the final cost by orders of magnitude, especially if the work has already progressed a lot and needs to be torn down.

High-End Materials

While it’s true that higher cost often means higher quality, the definition of quality can vary. For example, a wooden counter may cost more than vinyl, but it will also cost you more in long-term maintenance to keep it in a useful—and safe—condition. Higher quality materials can sometimes be less durable.

If you take the time to think through what you want, then commit to it with an experienced professional, you‘ll get great results for your kitchen renovation project. If you’d like to get started with people who’ll get you the results you want, contact us today.