Don’t Wait On Hot Water Tank Replacements

Crofton Plumbing Services And Why You Need Tank Replacements

The best thing to do when considering a replacement or an upgrade for most products is to wait until you really need it. For example, there’s no reason to replace your current tire with a spare if it’s working fine. It’s only if one of your tires experiences a blowout that it’s time for a replacement. However, this is not always the best advice to follow when it comes to your water heater tank. There are a few reasons why you should use Crofton plumbing services to replace your water tank even while it’s still working.

It’s Not Forever

The lifespan of the average water heater tank system is between 8-12 years, depending on how extensive the usage is in a home. Unfortunately, getting a new water heating system installed is not something you can get done as quickly as swapping out a blown-out tire for a new one. The disconnection and removal of the existing water heater tank and the replacement of the new one can take some time.

This means that you’ll be without hot water—or even any water—until the job is done. If this happens in the middle of day-to-day life, it can be extremely inconvenient. It’s better to plan this out so that you don’t have to struggle with a lack of water for that day personally.

Take The Hint

In other cases, you may get some warning that your water heater is failing and will eventually stop working. Leaks, discolored water, or noticing that the water is getting less and less hot as time passes are all clues that you should take action now. In the unluckiest scenarios, a water heater will simply stop working one day with no warning.

If you have a water heater that’s over ten years old, think about having it inspected and possibly replaced by Crofton plumbing services before you lose out on hot water entirely.