Drawers Are Important Parts Of Cabinets

Crofton Cabinet Contractor: Drawers Are Important Parts

Working with a Crofton cabinet contractor on a kitchen project means making many decisions about size, depth, style, and just how much space cabinets will take up your kitchen. But one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when having a Crofton cabinet contractor installing cabinets is the drawers. You’ll often find this is the feature you use the most.

Why It Matters

Drawers have many uses beyond storing cutlery. The biggest perk of having drawers is convenience. It’s far easier to see—and take advantage of—all the “real estate” in a drawer versus a cabinet. With a cabinet, if you want to get something that’s in the rear, you have to remove everything else. This often subconsciously trains people to put less used items in the rear, so they don’t have to get them as often.

Expand Your Drawers

Because drawers give you free rein to easily access the entire storage space, this often encourages people to store even more and be efficient with that space. So if you have a Crofton cabinet contractor come in to improve your kitchen, one thing you can think about is taking some areas that would have traditionally been simple cabinets and turning them into specialized drawers. So, for example, you can take some drawers and turn them into:

Spice Cabinets

Now all the spices are within easy reach, just like knives and forks. Just pull out the spice rack drawer and pick on it.

Dishes In Lower Cabinets

Instead of storing dishes in traditional upper cabinets, put them in lower drawers instead and get them out quickly and easily. For large families, this makes putting dishes away a snap.

Pot/Pan Storage

It can be laborious digging out a soup tureen stuck in the back of a cabinet. Now with drawers, it’s easy just to pull out and pick up. The same goes for other appliances like air fryers or Instant Pots.