A Dripping Faucet Or Running Toilet May Cost Crofton Residents More Than They Might Think

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Different things cause faucets and toilets to start leaking. Older sink and tub fixtures have seats and washers that wear out over a period. In many cases, the brass material can become filed down to remove knicks, but those of Monel will need to be replaced to restore the fixture’s functionality. Newer faucets have ceramic disc stems or cartridges, and instead of merely changing a washer, the plumber has to replace the piece to remedy the problem. Rust and other debris can become lodged between the seat and rubber washer, only to restrict water flow while making it nearly impossible to turn the faucet off. Depending on the severity of the drip, homeowners may find themselves paying an additional $20.00 to $200.00 a year to the water company.

Small leaks tend to get bigger and bigger, so contacting Cardigan sooner, rather than later, could be beneficial to your pocketbook. Twisting the handle with an extensive amount of pressure can take a toll on the hands, especially when arthritis is a part of the equation, so let our plumbers eliminate the issues, keep your faucet functional, and save your body some wear and tear in the process. We show up when scheduled because your time is valuable, and our technicians know that there are plenty of things you would rather be doing than waiting around for a maintenance specialist. Our team has been serving the area since 1971, and we look forward to showing you what sets us apart from the rest. We even offer $20.00 off of your first plumbing service because anyone and everyone can appreciate saving a buck here or there.

Not all toilet leaks are simple to spot. Worn out, warped flappers don’t sit flat against the flush valve, and instead of creating a secure seal, they allow the water to escape into the bowl. The action does not cause an overflow unless a blockage is present, but it can lead to a substantial amount of water loss. Hearing the water control valve cut on to fill up the tank is a tell-tale sign that a problem exists. However, on other occasions, the ballcock may never shut down due to trash being caught in the diaphragm. The water will continually raise and run over into the flush valve’s overflow. These problems may not seem like massive issues, but they can lead to many gallons of water being wasted, which will cause your bill to rise dramatically in a short amount of time. Don’t fret if these types of issues arise though because help is only a phone call away.