An Elegant Shower Can Make Or Break Your Bathroom

An Elegant Shower Can Make Or Break Your Bathroom

Improvements Available For Your Shower Upon Remodeling

Do you like receiving massages? Does it ever seem like there is not enough water to go around in the shower? Body sprays are an addition that can be added to your shower to create an experience unlike any other. With the simple turn of a handle, you can have water spraying your body, from multiple directions. This improvement will leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and new. Not to mention, it will make your shower look elegant, sleek, and interesting.

Benches can be installed, inside the shower. These are usually made from concrete blocks, or wood, then wrapped with a liner, and covered in tile. Sitting down in the shower may not be the biggest concern, but a bench adds convenience to your life. Being able to sit down to shave your legs, or your face, simplifies the process. You will no longer have to bend over to attempt to reach impossible places. No more attempting to balance on one foot, and bend in unimaginable ways. Go ahead and sit down, you deserve it.

Trim And Shower Heads Are Easy Improvements That Are Available

Trim kits, and extensive styles of shower heads are available for those not planning to remodel their bathroom. We can find trim kits for most showers, providing that trim has not been discontinued. Polished brass, chrome, and nickel are some of the finishes available, depending upon your style. In many instances, new styles of handles are also available. A lever handle may be easier for you to turn on, or a cross handle might be better for you to grip. The possibilities are endless, and our plumbers can help you through the process.

Hand-held shower heads are one of the most common shower heads to improve your shower experience. Most of these types of heads are easy to install, but some can be more complex. Some have holders that may require a hole to be drilled into the tile, but in most instances, this is easily accomplished. Multi-function heads offer different sprays, massage capabilities, and can easily spruce up your bathroom.

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