Embrace The Dark Side – Black Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Renovation Project

It seems like half the homes in America have an all-white kitchen. Builder white cabinets are a staple in new constructions. When you throw light-colored countertops, flooring, and appliances into the mix and paint the walls a lovely shade of alabaster, you’ve got all the makings of a light, bright, and airy white kitchen. But where is the contrast in all of this? Where is the depth? If you’re sick of the all-white kitchen trend, then you should consider going over to the dark side.

No, this is not an invitation to join Darth Vader in his latest bid to take over the galaxy. What we’re talking about is introducing a bit of black into your kitchen design. When it comes to your kitchen, going over to the dark side can be a great way to relieve the monotony of an all-white kitchen, or the clash of too-bright colors. So forget the white cabinets, white tile, and sunny yellow walls. Instead, why not consider black as the predominant color for your kitchen?

These days, black is not just for the Morticia Addams types among us. Black kitchen decor exudes sophistication and class. It is simple yet strong. It is at once sleek and elegant. A simple way to introduce a bit of black into your kitchen is to start with black cabinetry or countertops. Both look amazing against the backdrop of those alabaster walls you love so much. And a variety of countertop materials, from concrete to granite, look great dressed in black.

If you prefer the look of stainless steel or butcher block countertops, you can consider adding a black glass backsplash to complement the look. This is also a great option if you prefer light-colored cabinetry, or if you’re a fan of the open shelving trend. Another great way to introduce black into your kitchen is to slip some in beneath your feet. Black slate tile is elegant, sophisticated, and very forgiving of dirt. A black slate floor is a great option for families with children, as is black cabinetry.

If you are considering a foray into the dark side (of your kitchen), let Cardigan Kitchens and Baths help you find the perfect black countertops, cabinetry, tile, or backsplash to lend a bit of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen design.

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