Empty Nester Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remolding, there’s a new phrase in town; the empty-nester bathroom.  Yes, it means pretty much what is implies; this is the bathroom for those whose kids have finally left for college, or to forge their own way in the world.  The portable potties are put away, the multiple toothbrushes are trashed, and the clothes hamper is never full enough to empty every other day.  It’s a bathroom just-for-two now, and though it is missing the junk and clutter that it once had, it still looks like it was last refurbished about 25 years ago.

The empty-nester bathrooms are being embraced by those baby boomers who have done it all and are ready to take a step back and relax. Even generation X’ers are seeing their kids graduate and head out of the home, so they are ready for an update, too.

Colors, Colors Everywhere

When it’s time to do your updates, start with the color scheme; say goodbye to the pink and mauve, or the sky blue and mint green of the 1980’s.  It’s time for deep aquamarines or periwinkles accented with bright white trim, or natural neutrals that go with your bamboo wood accents. Anything goes when it comes to style, and you need to pick a scheme that fits with yours.  Even black, white, and red have made appearances in bathroom décor. Have fun with it!

Brighten It Up

Natural light makes everything better.  As we age, or bodies benefit from more Vitamin D and that comes right from the sun. Sunshine also boosts our moods, so if you’re going for a whole new makeover, consider adding a skylight or even a window to the bathroom.  If adding natural light is not an option, there are many different fixtures and lighting options to bring in the luminance you desire. The addition of mirrors reflect what you have and make your space look bigger.


A new toilet? Yes, please! We can’t even think about all of the action your potty has seen through the years, not to mention how many germs have crossed the bowl.  Get something that is comfortable for you now that you are aging; something higher, something lower, something with a customized seat, something that flushes with the utmost silence, or something that flushes at the touch of a button.  The options are endless! When it comes to the sink, think about a double vanity for you and hubby to branch out and have your own space for once. And the tub? Something big and beautiful. Enough said.


Oh yes, let us not forget that the bathroom can be a place to catch up on your morning news while you shave, or binge-watch “Game of Thrones” while you relax in a  hot bath. If you live in a cooler climate, it might be just lovely to install a gas fireplace for warmth, or even heated floor-tiles to keep those tootsies toasty on chilly mornings. Dare we even mention that some boomer-bathrooms are remade to include one of the popular single-cup coffee and tea brewing stations? Dream big!

It’s never too late to live the dream, and the bathroom is one place where you can dare to be bold.  At Cardigan, we know how big and important that bathroom project can be, and we’re here to help you with everything you need to make the dream a reality. Stop by our showroom or give us a call and we’ll get your empty-nester bathroom started before they can move back in!

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