Everything About The Kitchen Sink

The humble sink has often been seen as a kitchen necessity as opposed to a kitchen statement. In fact, it is often left behind when everything else is taken, hence the phrase “We took everything but the kitchen sink.” When it comes to the modern kitchen, the sink has been getting more attention. Today’s homeowner has more options than just single sink or double sink. Today there are materials and styles galore. If you are getting ready to remodel your kitchen, consider some of the following designs.

Seamless Sinks

If you have ever had a kitchen sink, you have had the not-so-pleasurable experience of trying to clean that seam where the sink meets the counter. This is probably the most difficult spot to keep clean in all of your kitchen. Not only does dirt and debris gravitate to this area, but it takes a lot of elbow grease to get it to look pristine. Enter the seamless sink. With this option, your sink and countertop become one perfect piece; same look, same design, same material. Quartz countertops? Quartz sink. Natural stone counters? Natural stone sink. It’s a one-shot deal.

Under-Mount Sink

This sink style actually mounts from underneath the countertop, creating a streamlined flow. Just like the seamless style, you’ll brush those crumbs right off the countertop and into the sink, never having to worry about a crusty crevice again. You must have a solid-surface countertop to use this option, but the sink itself can be made of any material you desire, from enameled cast iron to stainless steel.

Regular Rimmed

Of course, you can still go with the standard sink that is rimmed and ready to go. They are easy to install and still the most popular option due to the durability and affordability. Stainless steel wins out when it comes to the material of choice, but you can also look for composite or enameled cast iron for an updated look.

Back To The Farm

Farmhouse sinks have become quite the trend in recent years. Named as such due to their look of the old farmhouse kitchen, you get a classic country design if this is where your remodeling path is taking you. Typically made from white porcelain or enamel, these sinks are available in a wide variety of materials from natural stone to fireclay. A modern kitchen might even use copper or stainless steel to give it an updated look.

Trough Sink

Yes, we know it might not sound appealing, but the trough sink is actually a great way to accommodate the multiple cooks in your kitchen. Longer than traditional sinks, the trough can be equipped with two (or more) faucets. Prep your salad on one end while your partner is peeling spuds at the other end; drain your pasta while he washes his hands. No more shuffling around each other in frustrated tones of “excuse me.”

At Cardigan, we want you to love your sink no matter what it’s made of or what shape it’s in. Double sink, single sink, or even the trough, whatever your sink needs are, we’ll guide you to the right option. And when installation time comes around, you know thatour plumbers will install it right the first time. We’ll make sure that you have the kind of kitchen sink that won’t get left behind when all else is taken.

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