Factoring Utilities Into Your Remodel Design

Factoring Utilities Into Your Remodel Design

When you are designing your kitchen remodel, you are going to need to factor your existing utilities into your plan. Some utilities can be moved, while it is more difficult – or significantly more expensive – to move others.


The first thing you should have in mind when contacting your contractor is what utilities you want and need to have, and where you would like them located. Keeping utilities in place will make for an easier redesign. Relocating utilities will require more work, and thus cost you more in labor. But, if this fits in your budget, or there are reasons that relocation is necessary, go for it!

What Utilities Can Be Tricky?

  • Electricity – There is a good chance that electrical work is going to need to be completed during your remodel. Large appliances typically need to be connected to special 220 volt outlets. You may also choose to update the lighting in your kitchen. Electrical wiring requires a lot of planning, but can be easy to carry out.
  • Propane or Gas – Knowing if you must reroute any gas lines is vital to your remodel. If you are purchasing new appliances, you should ensure that the connections are in the same place as your old appliance – otherwise, you will need to adjust your gas lines. It is also possible that the supply pipes will need to be converted to match the new model. Gas can be dangerous to deal with and should be done so by a professional.
  • Plumbing – You will need a water supply for a kitchen sink and a dishwasher. Both appliances will need hot and cold water and a waste pipe. It makes sense, both for this reason and for practicality sake, to pair your sink and dishwasher near one another. Extending your waste pipe can become difficult.

Order Of Utility Work

If you are going to have to work on utilities, there are things to factor, such as maintaining a water supply in your home during the remodel. When performing utility work, your contractor should first perform all electrical work and rewiring. Then, they should work on all plumbing and gas lines.

Let The Experts Get The Most Out Of Your Design

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